Octonauts' Netflix Removal Explained - Why Is It Leaving?

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Octonauts Netflix Removal

Netflix announced the removal of Octonauts as a part of its April content update. 

The BBC-produced animated series has become a staple of children's television over the last decade and a half. It teaches kids concepts about real-life marine biology with the help of a colorful cast of anthropomorphic animals. 

All 121 episodes of the mainline series have been available to stream on Netflix, along with several Octonauts films and a spin-off for the streamer titled Octonauts: Above & Beyond

Is Octonauts Leaving Netflix?

Barnacles in Octonauts

After several years of streaming on Netflix in the U.S., the hit animated children's show Octonauts will leave in April. 

It was announced the beloved educational program will depart from the streamer on Tuesday, April 30. 

This is part of the platform's constantly changing content catalog as streaming licenses shift. 

While the mainline series will leave Netflix on April 30, several movies and spin-off series will remain. 

The Netflix films Octonauts: Ring of Fire, Octonauts: The Great Barrier Reef, and Octonauts: Caves of Sac Actun will stay on the service, along with the Netflix original spin-off series, Octonauts: Above & Beyond

Here is a full list of Octonauts titles staying on Netflix:

  • Octonauts: Ring of Fire
  • Octonauts: Above and Beyond
  • Octonauts: The Great Barrier Reef
  • Octonauts: Caves of Sac Actun

Where To Watch Octonauts Online for Free

Yes, Octonauts leaving Netflix will surely disappoint many, but some of the series can be viewed online for free as an alternative. 

The official Octonauts YouTube channel has a habit of uploading many of its episodes to the free video platform. 

These full episodes have been uploaded to a trio of playlists on the channel for fans wanting their Octonauts fix. 

However, only episodes from early in the show's run seem to be available this way, so those looking for more recent Octonauts adventures will be out of luck. 

Below are the three free Octonauts YouTube playlists:

Where Else Can I Watch Octonauts Online?

Barnacles in Octonauts

Octonauts is also available in several other places outside of Netflix and YouTube. 

The animated series is available on several digital storefronts including Apple TV+, Amazon Prime Video, and Google Play. 

Episodes cost somewhere around $0.99 each across these various platforms, and entire seasons can be purchased as a package deal as well. 

The first four seasons of the series can also be streamed on the free video platform Hoopla

All Hoopla subscribers need to sign up with a valid library card, and they are granted access to the service's vast catalog of content, including episodes of Octonauts

Until Tuesday, April 30, Octonauts is streaming on Netflix. 

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