Nurse John Wife Controversy Explained

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Nurse John

Nurse John, a popular influencer on TikTok and Instagram, finds himself at the center of controversy after posting online about his wife. 

John Dela Cruz (a.k.a. Nurse John) is a Filipino-Canadian content creator known for his positive presence online as he documents his day-to-day as a Los Angeles-area nurse. 

The creator has amassed a massive following online, with over 7.7 million followers across TikTok and Instagram. 

What Is Nurse John's Wife Controversy?

Nurse John sitting in car
Nurse John

After years of uploading content online, content creator Nurse John is being called out by fans. 

The controversy surrounding the TikTok and Instagram influencer seems to stem from his mention recently of his wife, shocking fans with the fact that he is married to a woman.

Nurse John has posted about his wife in several posts online, including one more recently that drew some ire online. 

In a video from June 12, the content creator posted a video of him making dinner for his wife, accompanied by the caption, "Let's make a dinner for the wife." 

This was the first mention of his wife many seen, as some had wrongfully assumed that, because of the soft intonation in Dela Cruz's voice as well as presenting more effeminate than some other men (taking part in activities such as cross-dressing), he was queer. 

Because of this, the mention of his wife has caused some to accuse the influencer of "queerbaiting" (the practice of presenting as queer when someone is not). 

While John having a wife may shock some, that does not mean accusations of him misconstruing fans are true. 

As pointed out by many of his supporters, the Los Angeles-based online personality was born in the Philippines, where gender norms are different than they are in the West. 

As far as audiences can see, the content creator never made claims he was queer online, and this is simply a misunderstanding amongst fans.

Is Nurse John Married?

To answer the question on many people's minds, yes, Nurse John is married. To whom remains to be seen, however. 

The Californian content creator has a massive presence online, but not much is known about his actual day-to-day life. 

His hyper-positive videos and comedic bits are usually about being a healthcare worker or the funny things he experiences on his own time. 

The TikTok celebrity has mentioned his wife several times in his videos, but never by name.

Instead, these often come as casual references like him, most recently, creating a video about making her dinner. 

Given the level of fame Nurse John has accrued online without fans figuring out exactly who he is married to, one can assume that her identity will remain hidden until both he and his wife deem it so. 

If she does not want to be as online as her husband, that is her choice to make.

And just because she exists, does not give anyone the excuse to condemn someone like Nurse John unless there are verifiable grounds to do so. 

Fans can follow Nurse John on Instagram (@nurse.johnn) and TikTok (@nurse.johnn). 

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