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New Black Widow Footage Revealed In BMW Promo

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By Jennifer McDonough

Marvel Studios' Black Widow was recently delayed and will not make its original release date of May 1st due to concerns regarding the coronavirus; a new replacement release date has not yet been announced. Even though fans will have to wait a little longer to see the adventures of Natasha Romanoff and her companions in theaters, the film's marketing campaign, while significantly slowed, still seems to be moving forward.


One of Black Widow's promotional partners, BMW, has dropped a promo for their vehicles which also features as-of-yet unseen footage from the film. The new footage features various shots of Natahsa/Black Widow and the villainous Taskmaster, interspersed with clips of BMW's motor vehicles. The ad was uncovered by BRMarvelNews on Twitter, a Brazillian fan account.



Although the outbreak of COVID-19 has robbed fans of seeing Black Widow when it was supposed to be released, the fact that new footage and promos for the film are still being released should come as at least some comfort at the moment. With the film's release date currently unknown and in a state of limbo, it certainly creates a sense of uneasiness, especially as this pandemic drags on and other Marvel Studios' projects potentially become delayed as well. The best thing the fanbase can do right now is keep calm and maintain an optimistic attitude.