Neon Streamer's Dubai Arrest Reports Get Addressed by Adin Ross

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Kick streamer Neon was recently arrested in Dubai, causing big names like Adin Ross to address the 19-year-old's antics. 

N3on (aka Neon) is best known for his Fortnite YouTube content and IRL Kick streaming, where he pushes the limits whenever he can. 

The young streamer has become the center of several controversies in his short career in content creation, including feuding with several other online personalities, allegedly disrupting the Venom 3 film set, and lying about being terminally ill with COVID-19. 

Neon Arrested in Dubai

Neon, a Kick streamer known for his IRL content, was arrested in Dubai on April 8 following a stream on his channel. 

As first reported by Dexerto, Mikyle "N3on" Rafiq and his girlfriend, Sam Frank, were arrested while on a trip in Dubai for filming in a local theme park. 

Neither Rafiq nor Frank have been seen or heard from since the alleged arrest, but they have reportedly been in contact with other streamers on the Kick platform. 

The moment of the arrest was captured live on stream, as Neon and the group with him were apprehended by authorities and told to follow them (via @FrontierRise).

The camera cut just as the group was led to an office, and no one in the group knew the specifics of what was going on. 

Filming in public in the United Arab Emirates is strictly prohibited unless proper filming permits are applied for and carried throughout the shot, and that appears to be the reasoning for his initial arrest.

Neon and his team claimed in the final moments of his stream they had permission to film, but authorities took them in nonetheless. 

Rumors have since circulated that Rafiq could potentially face jail time for the stunt, but that has not been confirmed. 

Adin Ross Addresses Neon Arrest

Neon's arrest has turned heads all over the internet, including one of the biggest names on the Kick streaming platform, Adin Ross. 

Ross, who has over 1 million followers on Kick, shared his thoughts on his fellow online personality's Dubai arrest in several places. 

The Kick streamer previously collaborated with Neon on several occasions, helping the 19-year-old rise to prominence in the last few years. However, the pair have seemingly feuded in recent months. 

On stream, Ross told fans "[N3on] needs some prayers" when asked about his arrest (per Sportskeeda). 

He later called the whole situation, "f***ed" and said he was doing "everything that [he] can do to try to help:"

"I'm going to just say this though, I'm doing everything that I can do to try to help. But the people around him made it really hard, because there are clips of - I'm not going to say specifically who, but you can put two and two together.  Someone around him mocked him pretty bad to where they fucked it up, I'm going to lie, based off what they said. I'm going to stop talking about it, but it's fucked."

While it is unclear what that means, given Ross's significant following, he could be using some of his online pull to get information on what is happening to Neon. 

In an appearance on mixed martial artist Sean O'Malley's YouTube channel (via @jojpapa on X), Ross followed up on his initial reaction to the Neon arrest. 

He told O'Malley, "[Neon] was recording people, and they are not very big on cameras over there:"

"He can't leave the country right now, and he has to figure something out. I don't know what is going to happen. He was recording people, and they are very big on cameras over there. You have to be very respectful in Dubai. He was recording people, and..."

Ross then denied rumors his fellow Kick streamer was facing a year of jail time, a rumor that had caught fire following Rafiq's arrest:

O'Malley: "Could you see him being sentenced to one year in prison?"

Ross: "I don't think that is real. You know how Twitter pages like to exaggerate. I don't think that is real to be honest. He is 19 years old. First of all, I don't wish jail on anyone, I really don't."

Fans can follow Neon on X (formerly Twitter) at @N3onOnYT.

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