Murder Mubarak Movie Twist Ending Explained

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Murder Mubarak ending

Netflix's new murder-mystery movie, Murder Mubarak, includes a wild twist ending that has audiences talking.

Translated in English to Congratulations on Murder, Murder Mubarak is a new Indian Hindi-language film based on Anuja Chauhan's novel Club You To Death. It features an ensemble cast of A-list Hindi talent behind Homi Adajania's efforts as the film's director.

In the film, the cast learns of a murder taking place within the walls of The Royal Delhi Club, an organization largely for elites, as assistant police Chief Bhavani Singh is assigned to the case.

Murder Mubarak first arrived on Netflix on March 15.

Examining Murder Mubarak's Twist Ending on Netflix

Murder Mubarak
Murder Mubarak

Netflix's new murder mystery, Murder Mubarak, features a wild twist ending closing an exciting 142-minute-long story.

The film centers on The Royal Delhi Club, whose members are largely capitalistic and greedy as they show just how lavish their lives are. 

Shortly after the film starts, the dead body of club fitness trainer Leo Matthews is found in the club's gym, leading Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Bhavani Singh and sub-inspector Padam Kumar to investigate the murder as they expose many of the club members' true natures.

Discovering club members who lived the ultra-wealthy life only as a front, a blackmailing scandal, and drug addictions, ACP Bhavani seemed to uncover one new dirty secret after another.

After Leo's death, two more people meet their end along with a cat, making the circumstances more dire quickly as Bhavani tries to find out who the murderer truly is.

Bhavani learns that Guppie, one of the other murder victims, previously attempted to melt the bones of a skeleton that lay underneath a garden when he was thought to be watering plants. Others at the club first think it might be the maid, Ganga's, missing husband Ajay Kumar (who supplied drugs at the club and abused Ganga), but Padam later finds him alive.

Once DNA reports come back, Bhavani learns the skeleton is that of Anshul, who was married to Bambi, one of the most blatantly rich members of the club.

Bhavani first attempts to frame Yash for all three murders, saying Yash used to secretly record videos of Bambi and murdered Anshul out of jealousy for him being with Bambi.

Using this fake story helps to reveal Bambi as the true killer behind the murders, as she is taken away by law enforcement after succumbing to her defeat.

So Why Did Bambi Kill in Murder Mubarak?

Murder Mubarak
Murder Mubarak

Those who watched Murder Mubarak quickly saw how obsessive Bambi was, whether it be for wealth, power, love, or simply her place at the Delhi Club.

She soon discovered her husband had an affair with Ganga and could not handle being so disrespected and betrayed, leading her to kill him and hide the evidence of the murder.

Although Bambi gets Guppie's help in burying Anshul, Guppie later tells Leo about all of Bambi's wrongdoings, leading Leo to start blackmailing Guppie over the incident.

This leads Bambi to kill both Leo and Guppie over concerns that one or both of them would reveal everything she did to the police. Bambi even makes Guppie's death look like a suicide to further distance herself from murdering her husband in an attempt to get away with everything.

For those enthralled by murder mystery stories, this new film brings a story with intrigue and drama as love and betrayal act as key motivators for the multiple deaths.

Murder Mubarak is now streaming on Netflix.

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