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New Moon Knight Disney+ Photo Hints at Reshoots

Marvel, Moon Knight, Oscar Isaacs, Marc Spector
By Russ Milheim

Last year held five different Disney+ projects. There was Elizabeth Olsen's WandaVision, Anthony Mackie's Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Tom Hiddleston's Loki, Marvel Studios' first animated venture, What If...?, and finally Hailee Steinfeld's debut in Hawkeye. This year promises to bring its own batch of adventures as well; Oscar Isaac's Moon Knight will hit the streets, Tatiana Maslanay's Jennifer Walters goes green in She-Hulk, and Iman Vellani brings Ms. Marvel to the world.

The series rumored to be first up is Moon Knight. Not much is known about the project, with secrecy behind the show being fairly airtight, something Spider-Man: No Way Home could have used.

From what is known, the show will likely see more Gods introduced to the Marvel Cinematic Universe and is teased to be more violent than one might guess.

The upcoming adventure wrapped production at the end of last September, but signs are pointing to reshoots starting back up any day now.

Moon Knight Reshoots Imminent?

On his Instagram, Michael Hernandez, Oscar Isaac's brother, posted an intriguing story to his page.

Accompanied by a picture of his Moon-branded sweater, he included the caption: "time to finish what we started...."

Moon Knight, Oscar Isaac, Marvel, MCU

Industry insider and The Cosmic Circus founder Lizzie Hill backed up the photo, saying that she has "heard there are only a few days of reshoots for #MoonKnight... [I'm] not positive yet, but in L.A. we think."

The Knight of Khonsu Roams Again

No one knows what Isaac's brother could be doing on set; he may simply be visiting. There weren't any previous reports of his involvement before. Though maybe the star got his sibling a fun cameo in the production.

As for the reshoots themselves, it's important to remind those reading that it's a built-in process for all of Marvel's projects. They could even be extremely minimal, with only a few days being rumored.

Rumors have placed the show to land by March of this year, but with the reshoots happening, it is hard to tell if the series is on track for that release window. It seems Marvel Studios has been delaying its projects more and more recently; hopefully, this doesn't happen to Marc Spector's outing as his alternate ego.

Moon Knight is set to be released at an undetermined time this year.