Moon Knight: Disney Reveals New Looks at 5 MCU God Avatars

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Moon Knight is at the halfway point of its limited series run on Disney+, with the third episode offering an in-depth look at the pantheon of Egyptian gods. The latest installment didn't just confirm that other Egyptian gods exist (aside from Khonshu), but it also revealed that they have avatars to carry out their purpose in secret, mainly due to the fact that they turned their backs against humanity. 

The episode's ending proves that these gods mean business when they imprison Khonshu in stone, thus showcasing a preview of their powerful abilities. "The Friendly Type" also somehow explores the complex relationship among the gods as Hathor's Avatar decides to betray her fellow deities to help Marc Spector with his mission. 

It is unknown if the gods will continue to make their presence felt in Moon Knight's final three episodes, but a new reveal from Disney could hint that the characters are here to stay. 

Moon Knight Unveils Egyptian God Avatars 

Disney officially unveiled a new batch of stills from Moon Knight's third episode entitled "A Friendly Type," showcasing fresh looks at the avatars of the newly introduced Egyptian Gods. 

Oscar Isaac's Marc Spector summons the Egyptian Gods' Avatars as he and Khonshu try to tell them about Arthur Harrow's crimes: 

Diana Bermudez as Yatzil, Hathor’s Avatar, and Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector/Steven Grant, Moon Knight
Marvel Studios

Diana Bermudez's Yatzil, Hathor’s Avatar, observes Spector from afar in this official new image: 

Diana Bermudez as Yatzil, Moon Knight
Marvel Studios

Declan Hannigan, Horus’s Avatar, looks intimidating in this new still: 

Declan Hannigan as Horus’s Avatar, Moon Knight
Marvel Studios

Hayley Konadu, Tefnut’s Avatar, is worried that Spector is lying in this official new image: 

Hayley Konadu as Tefnut’s Avatar, Moon Knight
Marvel Studios

Khalid Abdalla's Selim, Osiris’s Avatar, looks calm yet cunning as he awaits Horus' decision: 

Khalid Abdalla as Selim, Osiris’s Avatar, Moon Knight
Marvel Studios

Yatzil tries to help Spector by giving him a clue on how to find Ammit's tomb: 

Diana Bermudez as Yatzil, Oscar Isaac as Marc Spector, Moon Knight
Marvel Studios


Will The Actual Gods Show Up on Moon Knight?

The fact that Disney is highlighting the Egyptian gods in Moon Knight's promotional push is telling, as it solidifies the idea that there is more to come for these intriguing characters. 

It's clear that Moon Knight's Egyptian gods will do whatever it takes to preserve their secret. In addition, the gods' decision to opt out of humanity's affairs is eerily similar to the Eternals' purpose in their 2021 MCU film, with the key difference being the gods' own free will instead of being directed by a higher entity. 

If the Egyptian Gods' Avatars do return in the final three episodes, Moon Knight can utilize them in a plethora of ways. It's possible that their backstory could be explored, explaining why they decided to abandon humanity and how the gods' complex dynamic ultimately led to Khonshu's banishment

Given that Thor: Love and Thunder is also set to showcase a deeper look at different gods, it also provides an opportunity for some or even all of the Ennead to appear in the movie. If they do appear, then it spells bad news for the gods, since Gorr the God Butcher could potentially kill them all. Khonshu's banishment could mean that he will not be targeted by Gorr, but Marc Spector needs to free him first before it's too late. 

Moon Knight's first three episodes are now streaming on Disney+. 

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