Moon Knight Producer Reveals What Marc Did During Avengers: Endgame (Exclusive)

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The continuity of the Marvel Cinematic Universe is an entirely unique beast. Its scale is overwhelming; stories and characters spanning over thirty different projects tell an interwoven story, spinning into existence a one-of-a-kind world. Just one event can cause a cascading effect that ripples into dozens of stories—like The Snap, for example.

When Avengers: Endgame first premiered, people were dumbstruck by how Marvel Studios stuck to its guns and had the world live with the ramifications of that event for five years. Despite getting everyone back, the trauma was never going away. That shattered existence would be forever.

Oddly enough, there are still stories that have yet to explore how the fractured world affected their heroes. A prime example of this would be the most recent series Moon Knight. Was Oscar Isaac's crusader even among those left behind, or was he gone for five years?

Where Was Moon Knight During Avengers: Endgame?

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In an exclusive interview with The Direct's Russ Milheim, Moon Knight head writer and executive producer Jeremy Slater revealed the fate of Marc Spector during Avengers: Endgame––or at least the spoken conclusion they all came to.

Slater confirmed that “the writers room [all] collectively thought he survived the Blip,” and that if Marc didn’t, that would be “something you have to deal with,” as proven with other MCU series like WandaVision and Hawkeye where the Blip's impact is seen through Monica Rambeau and Yelena Belova respectively.

“We definitely, in the writers room, we all collectively thought he survived the Blip, that he wasn’t blipped away. Because I don’t know how you—I think if he had been blipped and come back, it would be something that you would have to address. It’s something you would have to deal with, especially as a character who is trying to find his place in the world, and has a lot of questions about his past. To not touch on the Blip of it all, felt weird. So we all kind of collectively assumed that he was part of the 50% that survived."

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The writer went on to say that during that 5-year gap, Marc was probably operating in the same way “that Hawkeye [was when he] had his hands full as Ronin,” since the criminal underworld was so active:

“But as to what was actually happening during that period, I mean, I think that they say in the show that Steven basically woke up about two years ago. That was the first time that they started living separate lives, and it was following the death of Marc’s mother. So that’s been the last two years, and we assume the three years before that was sort of Marc, just, there was probably, in the same way, that Hawkeye had his hands full as Ronin because the criminal underworld was running rampant during the Blip time, I assume Moon Knight was keeping very busy. But it was all being sort of done in the shadows, and he was sort of taking out a lot of threats that never surfaced or saw the light of day.”

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Marc Kept Busy In Thanos' Post-Snap World

Slater’s answer isn’t all that surprising. After all, there is a small Easter Egg in the show’s second episode which all but confirms the titular hero was among those not blipped.

He also makes an excellent point about it being something so important that they would have to address it. Missing out on five years in the blink of an eye will do a lot to someone’s psyche, something half of all existence is trying to cope with. All this to say, it would factor into one’s everyday mental state—an area that’s the show’s key specialty to address.

Additionally, in his answer, the head writer seemingly confirmed how Marc has been Moon Knight for quite some time, since he would have been active around the same time that Clint Barton’s Ronin was. So Marc Spector has truly been operating in the shadows to have gone undetected for so long.

Shang-Chi is another hero whose Snap fate remains unrevealed. By Slater’s logic here, that would mean Simu Liu’s hero was likely not blipped—in theory. 

Despite the understandable desire to avoid talking about these big events, fans are likely going to still want to know how all the different characters in the MCU were affected, no matter how often the topic, such as The Blip, comes up. Maybe in Season 2?

Moon Knight is now streaming on Disney+.

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