Is a Money In Money Out Movie Releasing In 2024? New Speculation Explained

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After a fake poster for a Blood In Blood Out sequel titled Money In Money Out spread like wildfire on social media, many believe the movie will be released in 2024. 

Blood In Blood Out is considered by many as one of the best crime movies of all time. Directed by Taylor Hackford, the movie tells the story of how the lives and friendships of three Chicano cousins are changed forever from 1972 to 1984. 

Despite receiving mixed reviews (it only earned a 62% critic approval from Rotten Tomatoes), the Damian Chapa-led film garnered widespread acclaim from audiences, with some claiming it as a cult classic. 

Is a Money In Money Out Movie Happening in 2024?

The three main leads of Blood In Blood Out, namely Benjamin Bratt, Damian Chapa, and Jesse Borrego, took the spotlight of a fake poster of the film's alleged sequel titled Money In Money Out that emerged on social media. 

The poster showed the three stars looking tense and ready to fight. It also unveiled a title card of the said sequel along with a line saying, "La Onda was only the beginning," and a March 2024 release window. 

Benjamin Bratt, Money In Money Out'
Money In Money Out

Although the hype for a potential sequel is undeniable, this poster is fake. There is no official word if a follow-up to Blood In Blood Out is in the works. 

In December 2023, however, the LA Times shared that the cult classic is being celebrated with a new book, also titled Blood In Blood Out, centered around the behind-the-scenes stories of how the film was made. 

The book showcases never-before-seen images and artwork from the late Adan Hernández, new poems by screenwriter Jimmy Santiago Baca, and director Taylor Hackford's production journal.  

Blood In Blood Out the book is set to be released on January 20 during a free event at California State University, Los Angeles. The event features a meet and greet with some of the film's cast, a poetry ready by Jimmy Santiago Baca, and an exclusive screening at the Luckman Fine Arts Complex.

Will a Sequel to Blood In Blood Out Ever Happen?

It remains to be seen if a Blood In Blood Out sequel will be released sometime down the line, but this fake poster going the rounds hints that there is still interest in the crime drama (which is a good sign). 

Jesse Borrego, who plays Cruz Candelaria in the film, spoke with BRealTV in October 2023 to reveal that Blood In Blood Out was originally presented as a five-hour movie to persuade the producers to move forward with a sequel. 

Borrego confirmed that director Taylor Hackford told him that there was indeed a five-hour version of Blood In Blood Out that was presented to Disney executives then, noting that the filmmaker said that he "was going to put them out as one and two:"

"I go, 'Taylor [Hackford,] was there ever a five-hour version?' He goes, 'Yeah, I showed the Disney executives a five-hour version. I was trying to show them that I had enough for two [movies] and that all they had to do was give me permission, and I was going to put them out as one and two.' I go, 'Yeah, because they're always talking about this five-hour version.'"

Will the five-hour director's cut ever come out? It is unlikely based on Borrego's comments about Hackford telling him that it will never come out: 

"He goes, 'Nah, it's never come out, dude, so no one has ever seen that version, but yes, originally I showed them. [A five-hour version] existed."

Although Blood In Blood Out was a one-off, many claimed that its ending is already perfect and it would be a fitting conclusion if a sequel never happened. 

Blood In Blood Out is available to stream on Netflix in some territories.

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