Monarch Episode 7 Twist Explained by Kiersey Clemons (Exclusive)

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Kiersey Clemons offered up some comments about her character following all the big reveals about May in episode 7 of Monarch: Legacy of Monsters.

May has been pretty secretive throughout the show, but audiences now know a lot more about her.

The latest installment revealed that May, who is actually named Corah, was on the run after sabotaging a huge tech company called Applied Experimental Technologies (AET). 

This is the very same company that will go on to become Apex Cybernetics, the corporation responsible for Mechagodzilla in Godzilla vs. Kong.

Clemons on May's Big Monarch Episode 7 

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In an exclusive interview with The Direct’s Russ Milheim, Monarch: Legacy of Monsters star Kiersey Clemons spoke about those big reveals for May in the show’s seventh episode.

Clemons shared how she “hopes [the] episode is well earned and that people understand May,” despite the character being admittedly “a bit unlikable:”

"I hope the episode is well earned and that people understand May because I think that she's a bit unlikable in the beginning and understandably so. She doesn't give a fuck if you like her. And so I feel like that episode, I hope she loves herself again. So I hope that the audience starts deliver you.”

The actress admitted that she “had to let go of how [May] was being perceived” while she tackled the role:

“Yeah, I think I had to let go of how she was being perceived. That would make my job really difficult. And just kind of go against, I don't know my instinct as an actor. But at the end of the day, It didn't matter what the secret was. Because y'all don't know. I just remembered that I had the secret because of the details and nuances of it--I only kind of we were all, the creatives behind the scenes and myself; we were all figuring it out as time went by as we were getting further into filming this season."

While filming the series, Clemons explained that she “knew who Corah was,” but she “knew to just not reveal any part of Corah:”

“So I had enough to push her feelings down. And I also knew who I was hiding, and I knew who Corah was as well, so I knew to just not reveal any part of Corah, and [I'm] not going to be soft, and I'm not going to be the most vulnerable or loving person. I'm really scared. And I think there's that more than anything.”

Can Clemons' May Be Trusted Going Forward?

While Corah’s backstory was revealed, it's hard to tell if she can truly be trusted.

After all, May was just asked to spy on everyone and tell AET about the Titans she learns about—and she doesn't say no. One would have to hope her new friendships will be able to offer some influence on what she chooses.

No matter what, this is certainly not the last audiences will see of AET. The company is a massive connection to the Monsterverse as a whole, one which is begging for more exploration.

However, the team should probably find Kurt Russell’s Lee Shaw and stop whatever he’s trying to do first.

Monarch: Legacy of Monsters is now streaming on Apple TV+.

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