MCU: When Will Namor Return? 7 Most Likely Movies & Disney+ Shows

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After making his MCU debut in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, there are quite a few likely places that Tenoch Huerta's Namor can make his return. 

Huerta's Wakanda Forever villain has quickly become one of the most beloved in Marvel Studios history, as the Submariner finally came to the big screen after years of dominating the comics world.  

It has been noted that Namor's Wakanda Forever appearance was done in an effort to "to set up an upcoming franchise,” as it seems the studio has bigger plans for Hurta's Talokanil king. 

So, with many itching for more of Marvel’s aquatic anti-hero, here are the seven MCU projects Namor is most likely to appear in after Black Panther 2, from highest likelihood to least.

Avengers: Secret Wars

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Anyone who is anyone in the MCU (and even those who aren’t) will have a shot at being in Avengers: Secret Wars, so surely that includes Tenoch Huerta's Namor. From the looks of it, Marvel Studios has big plans for the character, so it feels as though he has a guaranteed ticket to the culminating Multiverse Saga event. However, one wrench that could be thrown into this is what version of the character appears on-screen. 

Seeing as Secret Wars is the ultimate Multiversal Marvel story, there is also a good chance fans see a variant of Namor in the film. Perhaps he is a more established Namor from across the multiverse, one who helps command an alternate Illuminati, a position he has held a number of times in the comics. 

Black Panther 3

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Why Black Panther 3 comes in so high on the likelihood scale is simply on precedence. Namor debuted in Black Panther 2, so why would he not at least have a small part in a potential threequel? 

Plus, add in the fact that, this time around, Huerta's Wakanda Forever villain could be an ally to Wakanda rather than an enemy of it. One has to remember that at the end of the Black Panther sequel, Namor makes a direct reference to Wakanda now seeing Talokan as a partner with his stunning Panther mural. So, whenever that next threat pops up, the African nation will almost certainly look to not only their newly crowned hero but Namor and the Talokanil as well. 

Wakanda Disney+ Series

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The previously announced Wakanda Disney+ series could be another great place for Namor to pop up for the very same reason as Black Panther 3. The character has already been shown to have ties to the advanced African nation, so with anything happening pertaining to Wakanda comes the opportunity to have the Talokan king appear as well. 

Since the Disney+ show may end up being the rumored "origin spinoff series” for Danai Gurira's Okoye and the Dora Milaje, it may not be the right place for Namor to show up again, mainly because it would muck up the in-universe timeline. However, fans know there are multiple Disney+ Black Panther spin-offs in the works, so Kukulkan will have plenty of Wakandan action to get in on when the chance arises. 

Namor Solo Movie

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If it wasn't for pesky rights issues, a Namor solo film would easily be at the top of this list. The character and world feel primed and ready to be explored in their own film franchise; however, it is not that easy. Just like Hulk, Namor's standalone film rights are tied up at Universal Studios. This means that, at least for now, the character "can return" to the MCU, but cannot star in his own movie. 

Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige has noted that he is hoping they can make a solo film centered on Namor, initially telling fans that it would "depend" on how Wakanda Forever did at the box office. So, it‘s not impossible. If Marvel has seemingly worked out a deal to get another Hulk movie made, then there has to be a way to get a Namor movie as well.  

Captain America: New World Order

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Next up on the list is Captain America: New World Order. On the page, Namor has previously allied himself with Cap, as well as the original Human Torch, forming a group called the Invaders. If Marvel Studios wanted to bring that to screen, Tenoch Hurta's MCU character can certainly be involved. 

One question, though, would be if this Invaders team was retconned into the MCU, with Steve Rogers' Cap having formed the team some time in history, or if it would be a new squad brought together by Sam Wilson. Seeing as Namor has been around for hundreds of years at this point, both could very easily be on the table. 


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A Namor appearance in Ironheart might be a bit of a long shot, but it still could happen. Both Riri Williams and Namor made their MCU debut in Wakanda Forever and will forever be linked because of that.

Ironheart is looking to be a bit of a smaller-scale story when compared to Ryan Coogler's Wakandan epic. So, if Namor were to show up, it would very likely be something held back for a post-credits scene to close out the season, potentially teasing a Black Panther 3 or any of the Wakanda-based streaming series. 

Fantastic Four

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Admittedly, it seems unlikely that Namor will appear in the first MCU Fantastic Four film, as Marvel Studios will want to establish these characters before diving into their wider canon; however, the character will almost surely pop up in an F4 project somewhere down the line. 

Namor's connections to Marvel's first family run deep. The Submariner has actually been romantically involved with Sue Storm (aka the Invisible Woman) in the comics, causing a major point of tension between the Fantastic Four and the Atlantean king. Marvel Studios could very easily look to adapt this particular storyline as they roll out their Fantastic Four plans. 

Fans Ask for Na-More

If the Marvel Studios brain trust is as smart as fans think they are, they know the magic they have on their hands with Tenoch Huerta's Namor the Submariner. Huerta has noted that he is ready for more, telling Total Film "you can create a lot of things" with his MCU character. If he is up for it, and Marvel can make the rights situation work (as it did for Wakanda Forever), then Feige and co. would be silly not to bring him back. 

When it comes to Namor's next MCU appearance, it feels like a question of “when” rather than “if.“ Of course, nothing has been confirmed yet, but fans should rest easy knowing Namor has been well-received and will likely return to the MCU soon. 

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