MCU Ghost Rider Actor Reveals If He'd Return After Agents of SHIELD

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Robbie Reyes, Ghost Rider

Gabriel Luna, the actor behind Agents of SHIELD’s Ghost Rider, revealed whether or he’d return to his super-powered role.

Luna's version of the character, Robbie Reyes, who appeared in ten episodes of SHIELD's fourth season, was lauded as some of the best work the show ever did across its seven seasons. Even the CGI was incredibly impressive.

However, since his last appearance on the show in 2017, there’s been no word on whether or not Luna’s hell-blazing hero would return.

But would the actor do it if the opportunity arose?

Will Diego Luna Be the Ghost Rider Again?

Gabriel Luna, Agents of SHIELD

In an interview with, while promoting HBO's The Last of Us, Gabriel Luna discussed his previous role as Ghost Rider in Agents of SHIELD's fourth season and if he'd ever return for more.

Luna admitted that "there's definitely a lot more to say" with the character and how "[he'd] absolutely be happy to continue:"

"You know, I think that the way we left it... I would definitely think that there's a lot more to say. I loved the response. Everyone loved Robbie and they loved the character... and if we only ever did those ten episodes and nothing else, I would feel very complete with what we were able to do. To bring awareness to the character, to show people a Mexican-American hero — the first on television, I believe. I know that's said a lot but I think people forget about 2016 when we did that with Robbie. But he's a wonderful character and I love him. I'd absolutely be happy to continue."

The actor pointed out how Robbie Reyes has "become quite an important piece in Marvel publishing," and that he "absolutely deserves [to come back]:" 

"There are so many places you can go because in the comics he became an Avenger and he's now the All-Rider (a Ghost Rider without limits), which is pretty awesome when you think about it... he's become quite an important piece in Marvel publishing so if he were to appear again, he absolutely deserves it. Whether it's me or not."

The Future of Ghost Rider in the MCU

It's a shame that there hasn't been any concrete update for Ghost Rider and his future.

Rumors of a Ghost Rider project being in development at Marvel Studios have been floating around since 2020. Just last year, there were whispers indicating that the company had already engaged in talks with a new actor (not Luna) for the part.

Many believed that it could be someone like Norman Reedus, who had been campaigning for the role. Big-time star Ryan Gosling has even previously admitted interest in taking on the part—likely the Johnny Blaze incarnation instead of Robbie Reyes.

Just last May, the character was highly rumored to show up in Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness, which, clearly, never happened.

Even if fans don't get a Ghost Rider project anytime soon, hopefully, Gabriel Luna's (or even Nicholas Cage's) version of the character will show up in Avengers: Secret Wars, at the very least.

Avengers: Secret Wars hits theaters on May 1, 2026.

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