Marvel's WandaVision: New Footage Teases Office Life of Paul Bettany's Vision

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After no MCU films this year, Marvel Studios is ready to spoil fans with numerous projects in 2021, and WandaVision will kick things right off the bat this January. Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany will both return as the fan-favorite Avengers, but the latter's involvement is shrouded with mystery since Vision died during the events of Avengers: Infinity War.

Plot details of the upcoming Disney+ series are still being kept under wraps, but it is expected that WandaVision will dive deep into the concept of the multiverse. So far, the marketing for the show is heavily focused on the sitcom-based reality that Wanda and Vision will experience in the show, and it's clear that someone or something is pulling the strings behind-the-scenes to fracture reality itself. 

And now, another promo has been released, and it highlights another intriguing plot point that WandaVision will explore. 


Marvel Studios officially unveiled a brand new teaser for WandaVision, focusing on the "unusual" life of Wanda Maximoff and Vision. 



While some of the shots from the latest promo were already featured beforehand, the sneak peek at Vision's office life is intriguing from an audience standpoint. Paul Bettany already confirmed that WandaVision will be inspired by numerous sitcoms across six decades, and this particular scene directly references the premise of the 1960s sitcom Bewitched

To recap, Bewitched focuses on a witch named Samantha and a businessman named Darrin Stephens, who are trying to live a normal life in a suburban community. Given the premise of the show, it's clear that WandaVision is paying homage to the iconic sitcom, and Vision is playing the part of Stephens in the specific 60s-inspired episode of the MCU series. 

Interestingly, this isn't the first time that Bewitched is directly referenced in the trailer for WandaVision. In a previous teaser, Wanda Maximoff recreated one of the magical clothes-changing scenes from the 1960s show. By connecting the dots, it's possible that the aforementioned sequence along with the brief snippet above happens in the same episode. 

Admittedly, the repetition of scenes from newly-released promo spots might be a good thing for WandaVision since this approach is helpful in terms of preserving spoiler-heavy secrets that the show will feature down the line. For example, the marketing for The Mandalorian Season 2 only focused on the first few episodes, and that strategy worked wonders for the Jon Favreau-created Disney+ original series. 

All in all, WandaVision seems poised to change the landscape of the MCU like never before, and it's only a matter of weeks before fans eventually find out how. 

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