Marvel Just Spoiled Valkyrie's Return In New Phase 5 Movie (Photo)

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Tessa Thompson as Valkyrie in Thor: Love and Thunder

Tessa Thompson's return as Valkyrie in Phase 5 was surprisingly revealed by Marvel Studios in a new trailer.

After her new addition in Thor: Ragnorak, many believed Valkyrie was underused in Thor: Love and Thunder as the King of New Asgard.

During her fight in the Shadow Realm with Gorr, Valkyrie was brutally stabbed in the side by the God Butcher (Christian Bale). 

Fortunately, the film quickly made it clear that Valkyrie survived her latest battle wound, but it could come across as a way to keep her out of the final battle.

The character is shown limping around the grounds of a hospital at the end of Love and Thunder’s second act and the film’s epilogue later shows her comfortably ruling over New Asgard again. 

Valkyrie’s MCU Return Spoiled

In the latest trailer for The Marvels, a female figure appears through the Bifrost, indicating that Tessa Thompson's Valkyrie will be returning in Phase 5's latest film.

Thompson's return as Valkyrie was previously hinted at when a set of headshots was revealed on the set of The Marvels. Then, in mid-October, a look at the Bifrost was shown in a separate trailer, indicating a Thor character would be appearing.

During the blink-and-you-'ll-miss-it moment, the iconic rainbow Bifrost beam of light is shown, placing someone upon a ship.

The Bifrost in The Marvels trailer.
Marvel Studios

Getting a better glimpse, it looks to be a woman, most likely Thompson as Valkyrie getting a moment to shine in The Marvels.

A female figure appearing through the Bifrost.
Marvel Studios

Based on the figure, hairstyle, and height, this does appear to be Valkyrie. Here's a comparison between the faceless glimpse and Thompson's character in marketing for Thor: Love and Thunder:

The female figure and Valkyrie side-by-side.

There's also a rumor that Brie Larson's Captain Marvel and Valkyrie could have a future romantic relationship. During press for Love and Thunder, Thompson said "It's totally exciting" getting to play an LGBTQIA+ character in the MCU.

The brief Bifrost moment happens at the 12-second mark of this quick 15-second trailer for The Marvels:

Why Is The Marvels Spoiling the Movie?

It's become increasingly more common over the past five years for MCU movies to show way too much footage as the release date approaches. This short "What Comes Next" trailer is essentially a sizzle reel of Easter eggs to hint at some major surprises and possible spoilers.

Considering the excitement level (or lack thereof) for The Marvels less than two weeks from its premiere, Marvel Studios may be looking to drum up some additional interest.

For example, in the same trailer, a sly X-Men reference is made, hinting that Ms. Marvel's mutant reveal is being further explored in the film. 

Once again, factoring in Valkyrie's possible cameo and an initiative to make this film feel like a big MCU crossover, this is another attempt at this film feeling like an event and drawing audiences out to theaters.

Whether this last-second spoiler-filled marketing push works remains to the seen, but box office expectations are low heading into its opening weekend.

Ready or not, The Marvels flies into theaters on Friday, November 10.

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