Marvel's Thunderbolts Movie Will 'Drop a Bomb' on the MCU, Promises Actor

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Marvel Studios' Thunderbolts is in the early stages of development ahead of its 2024 release, but one of its stars just teased that it will unload "a bomb" on the MCU.

While it may or may not close out the MCU's Phase 5 after the delays to both Blade and Deadpool 3, Thunderbolts will mark the next slate's true team-up movie in place of the usual Avengers-filled extravaganza. Bringing together at least seven veteran Marvel heroes and villains from the Infinity Saga and the Multiverse Saga, this will make for one of the MCU's most unique outings as a group of darker characters join forces for a common goal.

For now, Marvel Studios is keeping the story for Thunderbolts under lock and key, with only Julia Louis-Dreyfus having known about her own role as Val before the movie was announced and confirmed for development.

But now, with development slowly moving forward on the Phase 5 outing, one of its other stars has teased some impactful moments coming in the Thunderbolts' first team-up outing.

Thunderbolts Star Hints at "Bomb" in MCU Plot

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Speaking with io9, Thunderbolts star David Harbour - who plays Red Guardian - addressed what he knows about the plot of the new MCU movie.

While he hasn't seen the script yet, Harbour told the outlet that he learned "the arc of the movie and how it functions," calling the idea "really cool."

He also teased the action and humor that will be seen in the movie before declaring that it's "going to drop a bomb" within the MCU, although he didn't provide any further explanation for that remark:

“It’ll be funny. it’ll be weird, it’ll be action. And then we’re also going to drop a bomb, which is cool.”

What Is Marvel's Incoming "Bomb?"

Seeing that Thunderbolts is taking the place of the Avengers movies that helped to end every MCU Phase except for Phase 4, Harbour's quote teasing that the movie will drop a bomb isn't all that surprising. But since the actors haven't seen the script yet as Black Widow scribe Eric Pearson pulls the story together, there's no way to tell what this major event could be.

It's still a mystery who exactly this team will face or what their mission will be, particularly since it's unknown if any of them are set for other MCU appearances before Thunderbolts debuts in 2024. The only character confirmed to come back before then is Harrison Ford's Thunderbolt Ross in Captain America: New World Order, which arrives less than three months earlier, but both movies still have a ways to go before cameras begin rolling.

Whatever Harbour means with his comments, fans can expect Phase 5 to end with a bang as the MCU brings a team of villains and questionable individuals together for the first time.

Thunderbolts is set to debut in theaters on July 26, 2024.

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