Marvel Studios' Spider-Man 3 Adds Star Wars: The Force Awakens Production Designer

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The untitled Spider-Man 3 is currently in production limbo, but there has been no shortage of reports and rumors about the threequel. Although Tom Holland is unsure of when production for the film will resume, a recent rumor suggests that the cameras will roll once again this Fall. Several interviews from the film's cast have also made its way online with the likes of Marisa Tomei's comments about her Aunt May character as well as J.K. Simmons' reported involvement in future Spider-Man sequels

While much of the rumblings about Spider-Man 3 is tied to the plot and the production delays, there has been substantial information regarding the hardworking crew behind the scenes. Back in March, the film reportedly added The Avengers and Thor cinematographer Seamus McGarvey to the fold. On top of that, the film is also set to provide a platform to promote future mobility, which is based on an earlier deal that was made between Hyundai and Sony Pictures. It seems that there is still more good news behind the scenes since a major addition has been confirmed in a new report. 


In a tweet from DiscussingFilm, an IMDbPro listing has revealed that Darren Gilford will serve as the production designer on the untitled Spider-Man 3 film. Previous works of Gilford include Star Wars: The Force Awakens, TRON: Legacy, Oblivion, and Kingsman: Golden Circle.


It seems that things are looking up for Spider-Man 3. Gilford's previous experience in working for major blockbusters should serve as an advantage for the upcoming third installment. While there is no word on the exact plot of Spider-Man 3, there's a chance that the production design for the film will be bolder and bigger, given the ramifications that need to be addressed for the character. 

Previously, the production design of 2019's Spider-Man: Far From Home gave a top-notch and unique feel of every European country that Peter and his classmates visited. Although there is no telling about the places and predicaments that Peter will encounter in the third film, the addition of Gilford to the behind-the-scenes crew should further elevate the overall look and feel of the third film. 

In many ways, the combined experience of the behind-the-scenes crew led by Spider-Man 3 director Jon Watts should ease the worries of fans about the upcoming solo adventure of the web-slinger.

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