Marvel Studios' Spider-Man 3 Will Promote Future Mobility, Urban Revitalization With New Deal

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One of the best elements of any action movie is the "chase scene." It's almost everywhere. Whether it's the hero chasing the villain or the other way around, writers know to make this scene one to remember. One of the easiest ways to do that is by throwing the characters into shiny, super fast cars.

This has become such a staple in cinema that giant automotive companies will pay big money to feature their cars in American films. This is the reason why Tony Stark almost always drove an Audi, and why in Captain America: The Winter Soldier , the audience saw Nick Fury driving a decked-out Chevy Suburban. These deals happen pretty often, but they mainly go unnoticed, unless they're big.


A new report from Deadline announced that "Hyundai Motor Company and Sony Pictures Entertainment have entered into a multi-promotional partnership across five of the studio’s upcoming pics which will feature the automaker’s new models and technologies."

The report went on to state that "one of Hyundai Motor's new models and technologies will star in [...] the sequel to Spider-Man: Far From Home ," as well as "the sequel to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse ."

Of the most exciting news, Deadline also reported the following:

"The deal will marry Sony Pictures IP with Hyundai’s technology and designs, specifically bringing to life the automaker’s human-centered future mobility vision which is dedicated to revitalizing cities and galvanizing urban air mobility. The partnership will leverage Sony Pictures IP for marketing content and immersive entertainment, collaborate on infrastructure and vehicular concepts for Sony movies, co-create virtual reality and gaming experiences, and co-produce events, among other opportunities. Hyundai will also offer substantial marketing support."


Peter Parker was just learning how to drive by the end of 2017's Spider-Man: Homecoming , so it's possible that this means nothing more than Peter taking more driving lessons in his next movie. But, this could also mean that Spider-Man 3 will have the opportunity to present a great action sequence involving Hyundai's most advanced technology, which opens up many creative pathways for the writers of the film.

Additionally, Hyundai will also reportedly be stepping in and assisting with matters of "immersive entertainment," as well as "co-create virtual reality and gaming experiences." Seeing that Sony is still looking for improvement, even after the visual powerhouse of Spider-Man: Far From Home , is certainly encouraging. This should assure fans that Sony is still hard at work, and will put everything they can into the third installment in the Spider-Man franchise.

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