Marvel Studios Hires Better Call Saul Writer To Lead Upcoming MCU Series

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Marvel Studios has been on a roll recently. Black Widow finally got to see the light of day, and in doing so did very well for Disney both in theaters and on their streaming service. Even more than that, there have now been three different Disney+ shows which have completed their runs, with each one topping the others' popularity.

There was Wanda's exploration of grief and trauma in WandaVision, Sam and Bucky's journey into Steve Rogers' legacy, and just recently, Loki's examination of self-identity. That may seem like a lot for just being halfway through 2021, but it's far from the end of what Marvel has in store for fans this year.

In just a couple of weeks time, fans will get to watch alternate timelines unfold in Marvel's first animated venture What If...? After that, there will be the release of Shang-Chi, Eternals, and Spider-Man: No Way Home—as well as Disney+ shows Ms. Marvel and Hawkeye by year's end.

With all of these seemingly endless projects on the horizon, Marvel Studios is going to need a lot of top-tier talent to maintain their quality across the board. Good for them then that they've found another extremely gifted artist to add to their family.


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As first reported by Murphy's Multiverse, it's been discovered that writer Marion Dayre has been tapped as Head Writer on an unannounced Marvel Studios show.

Dayre is best known for serving as an executive story editor on Better Call Saul and has written on other popular series like The Goldbergs and Curb Your Enthusiasm.

In Dayre's Instagram profile, she mentions being a showrunner for a TBA Marvel project, something that is echoed on BECA's website where it is announced that she will be teaching a course for the school. 

No further details could be found about what project she is working on.


It's impossible to guess which project Dayre is working on. When it comes to Marvel Studios, they have quite a few projects in active development, some that have been announced, and even more that are only rumored. With the terminology of "Head Writer" and "showrunner" being used, it's at least clear that she will be working on one of their many upcoming Disney+ shows.

It is also interesting that Dayre uses the term "showrunner" at all, as Marvel Studios seems to distance itself from the term when referring to its lead creatives on projects.

There are some announced shows that don't have any talent behind the camera attached to them, such as Armor Wars or I Am Groot. Of course, there are even more unannounced shows that she could be working on, such as the rumored Echo show, or projects for Secret Warriors and The Illuminati.

With this discovery being made, it wouldn't be surprising if more details started to surface about what project she is attached to, possibly even an official announcement from Marvel Studios themselves. With her work on Better Call Saul, fans can rest assured that no matter what project she is a part of, it's likely to be of great quality—especially if her work on the Breaking Bad prequel is anything to go by.

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