Marvel Studios Has a New Disney+ Streaming Boss, And It's Not Kevin Feige

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Kevin Feige, Disney Plus logo

Some people thought that there were a lot of MCU projects leading up to Avengers: Endgame. The notion of two-to-three films a year was a lot for some to handle. Cut to now, and this year alone will bring six television shows and four films to the MCU.

This is a substantial increase by Marvel, who is clearly taking advantage of its new resources on Disney+; an avenue that allows for new and unique storytelling opportunities and character explorations.

In the next few short years, the totality of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will have more than doubled from what it had put out over the course of a decade prior. That's nothing short of insane.

How does someone like Kevin Feige, the President and CCO of Marvel Studios, keep up with all of this? Especially on top of everything not publicly known, such as introducing the Mutants to the wider MCU. Well, the answer is easy: he delegates.


Bard Winderbaum on the Black Widow Red Carpet

According to a report by The Hollywood Reporter, there's a new boss in town to oversee some of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The outlet reported that Brad Winderbaum, who was formally VP of Production and Development at Marvel Studios, has been promoted to Head of Streaming, television and animation.

This position doesn't seem to have existed before Winderbaum's promotion, something which shows signs of Marvel Studios' President and CEO Kevin Feige flexing his delegation skills in order to maintain quality across the board for the many projects being developed for the MCU. 

Winderbaum's resume with Marvel Studios includes having executive produced What If...?, Black Widow, Thor: Ragnarok, and all of Marvel's previously released One-Shot's. He was also a co-producer on the first Ant-Man film. Before his time in the MCU, he wrote and directed a webisode series called Satacracy 88.


Kevin Feige is a crazy man. Not only was he able to build up the MCU to what it is now, but the Marvel boss can also juggle dozens upon dozens of projects while also producing a Star Wars film, and dealing with Sony and their questionable parenting of Spider-Man. Simply put, Kevin Feige might be superhuman himself.

To stay afloat, Feige needs to delegate tasks and responsibilities to others he trusts—such as this promotion that Winderbaum just received. This move could also have something to do with the recent talk of Marvel creating another studio for upcoming animated projects.

After all, Marvel Studios does have at least 9 unannounced Disney+ projects in the works, so it's understandable why the team would create a new position to help balance the workload. It's likely that while Winderbaum is in a much higher position, all decisions and choices will still need to be run by Kevin Feige.

Only time will tell what this may mean for audiences or for the quality of the projects that are being watched. For now, viewers can tune in for Marvel Studios' animated venture into the multiverse via What If...?, which streams new episodes every Wednesday exclusively on Disney+.

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