Marvel Studios Co-President Sends Jeremy Renner Love After Accident

By Gillian Blum Posted:
Jeremy Renner in hospital after accident

Following an accident on New Year's Day that left him hospitalized, Jeremy Renner is spending his birthday in recovery, and he just received recovery wishes from a Marvel Studios executive.

Renner — the MCU's Hawkeye — has been recovering in the hospital after injuring his leg while plowing snow. During this trying time, many friends and MCU co-stars have given him their support.

With Jan. 7 being the actor's birthday, that support has not wavered 

Birthday and Get Well Wishes

As actor Jeremy Renner continues to recover after a serious injury hospitalized him and put him in emergency surgery, members of his MCU family have reached out to not only show their support, but to wish him well on his birthday.

Victoria Alonso, Marvel Studios President of physical and post-production, visual effects, and animation production offered well-wishes to her "dear friend," with the hope for "a speedy recovery" in an Instagram post in both English and Spanish:

"Jeremy Renner !!!
Happy birthday dear friend!!!
You got this!!!!
Sending you love and light and a speedy recovery.

¡Feliz cumpleaños, querido amigo!
¡Lo tienes!
Te envío amor, luz y una rápida recuperación."

Chris Evans (Steve Rogers) sent a birthday message on his Instagram story to "one of the toughest guys [he] know[s]:"

"Happy Birthday to one of the toughest guys I know! Sending so much love your way"

A screenshot of Chris Evans' Instagram story. A black-and-white image of Evans embracing Jeremy Renner in the beginning of a hug. Text reads:

Renner himself responded to the "birthday love," reposting to students in The Base (a Chicago afterschool program) with his own thanks.

"Thank you For the Birthday Love !!!!"

A screenshot of Jeremy Renner's Instagram story. A repost showing an auditorium full of people, the front of whom hold up letter signs spelling
Jeremy Renner

Just yesterday, January 8, Renner expressed even more thanks, this time to the ICU team aiding in his recovery "for beginning this journey:"

"Thank you Renowned Medical ICU team for beginning this journey"

A screenshot of Jeremy Renner's Instagram story. A photo showing Renner in a hospital bed with a green blanket, surrounded by various medical professionals all wearing face masks. They are in a hospital room. Text above the photo reads:
Jeremy Renner

The Direct continues to send our best wishes to Jeremy Renner during his recovery process.

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