Marvel’s Shang-Chi: First Single Featuring 21 Savage Announced

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe is growing at an alarming rate. This year alone has already delivered three streaming shows and one feature film; fans will be getting another of each within the next month as well.

The next streaming show on the docket is What If...?which is Marvel Studios' first venture into animation and one which dives into the newly established MCU multiverse. Then, after that comes the first brand-new superhero in Phase 4: Shang-Chi.

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings is set to arrive in theaters on September 3, and it will introduce the world to the titular master of Kung-Fu. Not only that, but the film is set to explore the shadowy organization of the Ten Rings, the very group who terrorized Tony Stark all those years ago.

Ahead of the film's release, it's just been announced that a brand-new song will be drop in the coming days, one which will be attached to the MCU's 25th theatrical outing:


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A brand-new lead single off of Marvel Studios' Shang-Chi, dropping on August 10, was just announced on Twitter. The song will be titled "Lazy Susan", and will feature artists 21 Savage, Rich Brian, and Warren Hue.

The single was co-produced by 88Rising and Chong The Nomad.

Lazy Susan is a term for a roundtable that holds and distributes food and can often be found in American Chinese restaurants.


It's always exciting when artists get the chance to pour their creativity into a song that will be associated with a popular film. In this case, not only will "Lazy Susan" be attached to the film, but it'll also become reminiscent of a newly introduced MCU hero that is bound to have a long and fruitful life within the cinematic universe's history.

Shang-Chi's role in the wider MCU isn't known as of now, but at the very least, it will hold an exploration of the Ten Rings that first debuted in 2008's Iron Man. The film is also set to showcase the real Mandarin, a villain who didn't quite get the best of adaptations with Trevor Slattery's portrayal in Iron Man 3.

Going into the film, it is known that Doctor Strange's Wong will be making an appearance. Not only that, but the sorcerer will be pitted against The Incredible Hulk's Abomination, something which marks the villain's first appearance since said film. 

Shang-Chi and the Legend of The Ten Rings is set to give audiences a crazy unique ride as it introduces an entirely new facet of the MCU on September 3.

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September 03, 2021
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