Disney Confirms Olivia Colman’s Marvel Character Has Sneaky Captain America Ties

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Secret Invasion made a splash during this year's D23 Expo. The Samuel L. Jackson-led Marvel series finally revealed its first official trailer, showcasing tons of first looks at MCU newcomers such as Emilia Clarke and Olivia Colman. 

In the trailer, Academy Award-winning actress Olivia Colman can be seen telling Nick Fury that he isn't ready for this upcoming battle with the Skrulls. While this interaction was brief, it seems to suggest that the pair has close ties to one another, indicating that Colman's Marvel character could end up becoming a valuable ally. 

Now, new details about the actress' MCU role have been revealed, and it could prove a theory that she is on Fury's good side. 

Disney Reveals Olivia Colman's Secret Invasion Character 

Disney, via an official still, confirmed that Olivia Colman is playing Special Agent Sonya Falsworth in Secret Invasion

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This confirmation seems to connect Colman's character to James Montgomery Falsworth, one of the Howling Commandos from Captain America: The First Avenger

In the 2011 Marvel movie, the character was portrayed by JJ Feild. 

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This tidbit also confirmed the previous rumor that linked Colman's Secret Invasion character to the Howling Commando member, with the news also speculating that she is tied to a version of Union Jack. In the comics, Union Jack was heavily involved in battles against the Skrulls.

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Will Olivia Colman's MCU Character Survive Secret Invasion?

Disney's confirmation that Olivia Colman's MCU character has ties to the Captain America franchise indicates that she has a bright future ahead despite the dangers of Secret Invasion

Given this connection, it's also reasonable to assume that Colman's Sonya Falsworth will also be involved in action scenes in the Disney+ series, thus cementing her place as one of Nick Fury's trusted allies. 

Moreover, Colman's ties to James Falsworth could also explain why Fury decides to go to her for advice in the series. 

At some point in Secret Invasion, it's possible that Fury's back is against the wall, and his other allies such as Maria Hill and Talos are either captured or off the grid. As a result, Fury would then seek Sonya's help, leading to the scene in the trailer where they talk about the Skrulls. 

While it's unknown if Sonya Falsworth is a Skrull in the series, there's a chance that she could end up becoming one of the show's few human characters. Doing this allows the character to show up in future Earth-based projects in the MCU, such as Thunderbolts and Captain America: New World Order

Secret Invasion is set to premiere on Disney+ in Spring 2023.

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