Martin Freeman Doesn't Think He Has a Future With Marvel

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If Martin Freeman is to be believed, his future in the MCU could be on its last legs after his latest appearance.

Marvel Studios' latest Disney+ series, Secret Invasion, started off with a bang during its opening scene as Martin Freeman's Everett Ross was revealed to be a Skrull - the first confirmed to be involved in the Skrulls' invasion of Earth.

And with his death being only the first of a few in this series, including Cobie Smulders' Maria Hill in Episode 1 and Emilia Clarke's G'iah in Episode 3, many are already questioning just how permanent those moments will be moving forward.

Martin Freeman Addresses His MCU Future

Martin Freeman
Marvel Studios

In an interview Collider, Marvel star Martin Freeman stated that he "never thinks [he has] a future in the MCU."

The 51-year-old actor, who first debuted as Everett Ross in the MCU in 2016's Captain America: Civil War, explained that because he's "not one of the A-team" characters in the franchise, he doesn't get his hopes up for a call from Marvel Studios asking him to return:

"I never think I've got a future in the MCU. I always assume I haven't, which is the safest M.O. I think it's the safest thing, given that I'm not one of the A-team in the MCU. I'm definitely on the subs bench. I'm a good little substitute. I can come on when needed, for about five minutes at the end of the game. I'm not assuming anything, that I have a future in the MCU. But whenever it happens, it's a lovely bonus."

Marvel Studios

Freeman previously spoke about his approach to this new take on the role, explaining that he doesn't believe Ross has "been a Skrull this whole time" before his reveal in Secret Invasion:

"I don’t wanna play Ross as Skrull. I don’t wanna believe he’s been a Skrull this whole time, so I don’t. That’s not what I’ve played. I’ve believed, all the time, in Ross’s integrity, actually. I really enjoy playing Ross, as a Skrull or otherwise. I’ve enjoyed playing him as an organic human man, so I don’t wanna lose him to Skrulldom. So, no, Ross, for me, is not a Skrull."

Will Martin Freeman Come Back to the MCU?

It's hard to imagine that Martin Freeman's time as Everett Ross is now over, especially considering his on-screen ex-wife Val - played by Julia Louis-Dreyfus and whom Freeman shared most of his scenes with in Black Panther: Wakanda Forever, is primed for a major role in the franchise moving forward.

Since there's no confirmation of that fact, nor where or when Freeman's Everett Ross was actually switched out for a Skrull, there's no telling if or when he may be in line for another appearance.

With two episodes still remaining in Secret Invasion's story, it's still unclear whether Marvel will actually confirm who in the MCU is alive and well after the Skrull invasion or whether the franchise will leave things open-ended.

After all, James Rhodes was already revealed to be an imposter in this show, and he still has at least one more confirmed appearance in Armor Wars later in the timeline during the Multiverse Saga.

But for now, the mysteries remain quite elusive, especially with an epic series finale teased to be on the way in a couple of weeks.

The first four episodes of Secret Invasion are now streaming on Disney+.

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