Marvel's Kevin Feige Is Reportedly Now Too Busy for One Part of the MCU

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Marvel Studios is moving forward with more content than ever heading into 2022, which comes after the last 12 months brought nine new entries in theaters and on Disney+. Remaining at the head of this effort is Marvel Studios President and comic book movie mastermind Kevin Feige. With upwards of 30 projects in development under Feige's watch, the franchise's future has never been brighter.

Feige's time with Marvel Studios has come with plenty of changes to his job description and duties, particularly as the movies have grown bigger in terms of success and popularity.

His time with Marvel movies started in 2000 as an associate producer on X-Men before becoming the President of Production for the newly formed Marvel Studios in 2007. Eventually rising up the ranks to becoming the Chief Creative Officer for Marvel Studios, Feige now oversees the biggest interconnected entertainment franchise in the business as it continues its expansion.

Due to his increased duties and responsibilities, Feige doesn't get the opportunity to be quite as involved in the day-to-day process of making the MCU's projects as he once was over the past 14 years. Recently, one of Marvel's veteran VFX artists shared some insight into how that's changed from his perspective.

Eternals VFX Artist on Kevin Feige's Changing Role

Kevin Feige, Marvel Studios

Eternals VFX Production Supervisor Stephane Ceretti spoke with Befores & Afters about how busy Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige is with running the MCU.

Looking back to how things have changed over the years with the MCU's movie-making process, Ceretti shared insight into some of the things that Feige can no longer do with each individual project. While mentioning how fellow Marvel Studios President Victoria Alonso is still involved with meetings and readings, the VFX artist noted Feige doesn't get as involved in the visual effects management since he's "so busy with story" and development of Marvel Studios titles:

"It’s a lot of people now, but how it is, it’s fun and crazy at the same time, it’s super exciting because we are really part of the process, like really, really part of the process. It’s a bit different now because the studio is bigger, and maybe we have a little bit less access to the people we used to have access to all the time. Victoria is always there, so she’s always in the meetings, all the readings we’re doing. Kevin, a little bit less so now because he's so busy with story and everything, but he used to come to every VFX reading with us, which was great, like really great."

Ceretti gave listeners a peek into the process, in which no idea is considered too "difficult" or crazy, even if it comes "at the last minute." Going through intense preparation and using a "very fluid process," the VFX supervisor said that there was no way to "dismiss a good idea" if it comes up:

"So it was a really small crazy group of people, and we were just making the movie together, which is super interesting. But it’s crazy, because anything goes. If there’s a good idea, however difficult it is and however at the last minute it is, if it’s a good idea, it’s gonna have to make it. So it’s a very fluid process. We do the movie three times. We do it in prep, we do it through the shoot, and we do it in post, and it’s fearless people, absolutely fearless people. It’s very demanding for us, obviously, but also, you can’t dismiss a good idea, it’s just impossible."

Feige Too Busy for Every MCU Movie Meeting

The MCU is Kevin Feige's pet project - there's no denying that fact.

Having worked his way up to his current status over the years, the massive Marvel story is largely a product of the executive's unmatched dedication toward unique and interconnected storytelling. Having come up with the idea to bring the Avengers to the big screen more than a decade ago, Feige's work has turned into one of the biggest jobs in the business.

These days, it appears that Feige's biggest duties lie with making sure the overarching story told in the MCU moves forward the right way in regard to tying every project together. From weaving Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3 with Thor: Love and Thunder to making sure Daredevil moves seamlessly from Spider-Man: No Way Home to She-Hulk, it's a massive endeavor for one person to handle.

As Marvel Studios continues its work over the next few years, Feige's responsibilities are sure to remain extensive for every single new addition to the growing story. Thankfully, he's one of the top executives in the game for a reason, and there should be no cause to think everything won't run smoothly in 2022 and beyond.

Marvel Studios will return in 2022 with Moon Knight on Disney+ starting March 30, 2022. In theaters, the next project will be Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness on May 6.

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