Marvel Confirms Hawkeye & Ms. Marvel Disney+ Releases For This Year

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Marvel fans have had a good year, especially when compared to 2020. Not only have they gotten three Disney+ shows, but Black Widow has finally been released. It's almost as if the world has finally started back up again.

Of course, the most recent show was Loki, starring Tom Hiddleston's titular character as he navigates the confusing world of timelines and Variants. Loki's solo outing also did something huge. It debuted the next MCU big bad in the form of He Who Remains, a Variant of Kang the Conqueror. On top of that, the finale introduced the Multiverse to the audience.

A newly-branching timeline that will be utilized for Marvel's first animated show What If..? on Disney+. The show is set to premiere on August 11 and explore alternate realities where major events in various past MCU films went in a completely different direction

After that on the streaming docket is Ms. Marvel and Hawkeye. Though there hasn't been any talk about a release date yet, fans can now rest easy knowing that they won't have to wait until 2022. 


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In a conversation with Variety, Marvel Studios Executive Victoria Alonso confirmed that both Ms. Marvel and Hawkeye are still set to arrive in 2021 as two of the "few other shows" premiering on Disney+ later this year. No specific dates were given.


Once Ms. Marvel and Hawkeye finally make their debut, there will have been six Marvel Studios Disney+ shows released in the span of just a single year. That's an incredible amount of content, and it doesn't even include the four films that were released in that same timeframe

It's truly amazing how much Marvel fans will be getting annually, especially when compared to the last few years. Though, when the Marvel Cinematic Universe has dozens and dozens of characters vying for attention, it can never be too much. 

As mentioned above, What If...? is the next thing on Marvel's Disney+ slate. While many may shrug off the show, many signs are pointing to its major importance when it comes to the MCU overall. So sleeping on it may not be the best call.

What If...? releases on August 11, with weekly episodes streaming on Disney+.

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