Hailee Steinfeld & Jeremy Renner Team Up In Marvel's Hawkeye Set Photos

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Kate Bishop Hawkeye

Rightfully so, the MCU fandom has its eyes squarely on the events of WandaVision as it kicks off Phase 4 with a magically unpredictable journey. While this debut on Disney+ for Marvel continues, the super-powered studio is hard at work to bring the rest of its expansive slate to life.

WandaVision is kicking off Marvel’s Disney+ era, and the year will also end on the streaming service with the Hawkeye series. This story will be the first solo project for one of the MCU’s original Avengers as he rediscovers his role as a family man and takes on new challenges in mentoring Hailee Steinfeld’s Kate Bishop.

Jeremy Renner’s Hawkeye is deep into shooting right now, and fans were recently treated to a new look behind the scenes on social media.


New photos and a video from Atlanta, Georgia show off some Hailee Steinfeld + Jeremy Renner action from the set of Marvel Studios’ last Disney+ show of 2021, Hawkeye.

Hailee Steinfeld can be seen using her bow in her full Kate Bishop garb while seated on the car door.

More photos show Hailee Steinfeld seated in the passenger seat of the car alongside a laughing Jeremy Renner.

A 56-second video was captured of stars Jeremy Renner and Hailee Steinfeld filming the scene in the rigged car on the streets of Atlanta, GA:

This particular scene appears to be directly inspired by the Hawkeye concept art that was shown during Disney+'s Marvel Studios: Expanding the Universe special.

Hawkeye Kate Bishop

Perhaps most importantly, a set photo also revealed Renner fitting in a stretch off-camera to avoid pulling a muscle.



It’s unclear what’s happening in the Hawkeye plot during this scene, although it does show the expected level of action set to come in the MCU production. Steinfeld appears to be taking on every challenge of this new role, particularly when it comes to doing stunt work like hanging out of a car window and shooting unknown assailants. 

There have still been no story details officially revealed for Hawkeye yet, which likely won’t happen until after most of the principal photography is complete. It should still be a few months until any specifics come to light, especially considering this is the final of six MCU Disney+ shows supposedly releasing this year.

No matter where this scene comes into play during the story, it will be exciting to find out what Barton and Bishop have to tackle as they drive dangerously. It’s clear that Kate Bishop will be well on her way to superhero status in a short period of time, and fans should expect plenty of action similar to this from the future Young Avenger.

Hawkeye is currently filming and will arrive on Disney+ in late 2021.

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