Marvel's Eternals Reveals New Looks at Celestials First Teased In Guardians of the Galaxy Movie

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Guardians of the Galaxy Celestial

Marvel's Eternals was all set to be released in November 2020, but thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic throwing the MCU's theatrical schedule out of whack it is now slated for November 2021. Fans may be eager to finally see footage from the movie, but even though no trailer has been released there are still other places where tidbits about the film can be found.

Merchandise for the movie has provided a nice look at the designs of its main heroes, but now it has also revealed some information about other characters involved with the story.


Some new merchandise designs at Kohl's sheds some light on the Celestials, the powerful beings who created the Eternals as well as the villainous Deviants.

Eternals Celestials
Courtesy: Kohl's

Arishem the Judge in front of (left to right) Nezarr the Calculator, Jemiah the Analyzer Back, and Gammenon the Gatherer Front.

Marvel's Eternals Arishem
Courtesy: Kohls

A design featuring Arishem.

Marvel's Eternals Design
Courtesy: Kohl's

The Eternals in front of Arishem, with the movie's logo at the bottom of the design.


The Celestials have actually already played a role in the MCU, as part of the Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. In Guardians of the Galaxy , a shot is shown of one known as Eson the Searcher wielding the Power Stone. During this scene, the Collector explains to the Guardians how only extremely powerful beings like the Celestials are able to handle the Infinity Stones.

"Infinity Stones. These stones, it seems, can only be brandished by beings of extraordinary strength. Observe. These carriers can use the stone to mow down entire civilizations like wheat in a field."

guardians of the galaxy celestials
Marvel Studios

Ego, the father of Peter Quill seen in Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2. , is also a Celestial. His attempts to father a surviving heir were in hopes of creating another Celestial being. However, his efforts were futile until Quill, who is a Celestial-human hybrid.

More about the Celestials in the MCU will likely be uncovered upon the release of Eternals , which is currently planned for November 5, 2021.

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