Disney+ Removing Marvel Special Series This Month

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Not even the Marvel brand is safe from Disney's plan to remove content from Disney+

Disney first announced plans to thin its streaming library during the company's second-quarter earnings report but gave no specifics as to what was being axed.

In the days that followed, reports revealed several original Disney+ series are among the fallen, as well as specials and docuseries, including a newly-released series from the red brand. 

Marvel Special Docseries Axed From Disney+

Marvel Hero Project

As reported by Deadline, Marvel's Hero Project series, which premiered on the launch day of Disney+ in November 2019 and aired through March 2020, will leave now leave the service on Friday, May 26. 

Having come to Disney+ as Marvel's only launch day original, Hero Project follows children who can be considered heroes in their own right as they make an impact in their communities, committing acts of bravery and kindness.

Each of the kids involved with the 20-episode show was even immortalized in their own Marvel comic as a brand-new superhero of their own. 

The news comes after the documentary series MPower and Voices Rising: The Music of Wakanda Forever had previously been reported to be leaving the service, however, according to Deadline, both are now expected to stay. 

Why Is Disney Removing Marvel's Hero Project? 

Marvel Hero Project

According to Disney, cutting costs and a new curated content strategy are why Marvel's Hero Project and other Disney+ entertainment are on the way out. 

Some noted that purging select content may be motivated by the appeal of not having to pay residual fees.  

The reasoning behind Disney removing Hero Project from its streamer is unknown, however, the choice is surprising and even eyebrow-raising, given its message and subject matter.

Still, it's worth noting that Hero Project is just one of several many movies, specials, and docuseries being bumped from Disney+. But at least MPower and Voices Rising: The Music of Wakanda Forever have seemingly been saved from their removal, possibly as a result of backlash from fans or internally at the studio.

While Hero Project is currently set to leave Disney+ on Friday, May 26, this story is still developing. With several projects having now exited the list of those set to be removed, perhaps there is still hope for Hero Project to be saved.

Marvel's Hero Project is available to stream on Disney+ until Friday, May 26.

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