Disney+ Just Removed Its First Two Marvel Originals

By Savannah Sanders Posted:
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Disney just dusted Marvel's first two Disney+ originals from its streaming service. 

As part of Disney's new cost-cutting initiative, various series, documentaries, and originals have been removed from Disney+, several of which belong to the red brand.  

While MPower and Voices Rising: The Music of Wakanda Forever were slated for removal but ultimately survived, Marvel's Runaways wasn't so lucky; and now, the same goes for Marvel's initial two Disney+ projects. 

Two Marvel Originals Removed From Disney+

As a result of the first-ever Disney+ content purge in late May, Marvel's first two Disney+ originals have been scrubbed from the streamer.   

These originals consist of Marvel's Hero Project and Marvel's 616

Marvel Hero Project for Disney+

Marvel's Hero Project debuted with Disney+ on November 12, 2019, and showcased real-life kids making a difference in their communities and being heroes in their own right. 

The docuseries also celebrated these young people and their efforts through their own Marvel comic book. 

Marvel 616 for Disney+

Marvel's 616 was an eight-episode anthology series that first dropped on Disney+ in November 2020 and explored various topics related to the brand, including characters, creators, and fandom.

In addition to Hero Project and Marvel's 616, the red brand also released Marvel's Expanding the Universe on Disney+ in 2019. 

However, unlike the aforementioned originals, Expanding the Universe stands as more of a glorified featurette than a proper project. 

Why Is Disney Deleting Marvel Projects?

The leading theory behind Disney's decision to axe select content is the appeal of not having to pay residual fees. 

Whether or not that's the case, and why certain projects have been selected for removal over others, is unknown. 

Regardless, the move has largely been viewed as a controversial one, especially in regard to originals like Marvel's 616 and Hero Project.

Not only do they represent Marvel's first contributions to Disney+ prior to MCU series like WandaVision and Loki, but their removal is a huge loss for their talent and creators. 

Marvel's Hero Project is especially disheartening given that it was meant to inspire and shine the spotlight on young real-world heroes. 

It will be fascinating to see how this decision continues to play out - and the impact it will have - in the months to come. 

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