James Gunn Confirms What We All Suspected About Crossover Between Marvel & DC

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Confirming what many fans suspected back when James Gunn teased a possible crossover between Marvel and DC, the director and DCU co-CEO clarified a more realistic timeline for if and when that could happen.

In early April, Gunn explained he feels that given his connections now with both DC and Marvel, a crossover between the two franchises is "a possibility."

However, with all the changes coming to DC and the less-than-stellar receptions to some recent Marvel projects, it was not surprising that Gunn attempted to manage expectations. He said, "it's just about grounding the Marvel and DC universes right now and trying to make them each as strong as possible."

In that vein, Gunn expanded on the comments in a new interview, clarifying if a crossover really is possible in the near future.

Could a Marvel/DC Crossover Happen Soon?

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In an interview with Deadline Hollywood at the Los Angeles premiere of Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, James Gunn said that if a crossover between Marvel and DC were to ever actually happen, it would be "about 10 years" down the road.

Gunn said that it would certainly "not [be] today:"

"I think that it would look like something that would be happening in about 10 years. Not today."

He explained that they "have a whole bunch of other DC movies [they] need to tell," but that "it could be cool" nonetheless:

"Because we have a whole bunch of other DC movies we need to tell. But yeah, I think it could be cool."

Marvel and DC fans alike have previously speculated that if a dream crossover were to happen on the big screen, it would be many years away at a time when both cinematic universes were well-established and thriving under strong leadership.

What Would a Marvel/DC Crossover Entail?

Maybe fans will have the chance to see epic crossover moments from the comics on the big screen, like the one-on-one battles of DC vs. Marvel (like the Flash vs. Quicksilver, for instance).

Or, a crossover could pull from the Amalgam comics, and introduced the merged versions of certain characters, like Super-Soldier (Superman mixed with Captain America).

As exciting as speculating is, however, fans will likely have to wait a very long time for these crossovers to come to fruition.

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