Marvel Removes Chris Evans From Captain America Social Media Banners To Highlight Anthony Mackie

Captain America Chris Evans Anthony Mackie
By Russ Milheim Posted:

There was a big status quo shift in the MCU after the finale of The Falcon and the Winter Soldier . The mantle left by Steve Rogers was finally properly filled by none other than Sam Wilson . Captain America, no longer a title held by John Walker, is officially back in action.

Of course, the name Captain America still invokes the image of Chris Evans. After having brought the character of Steve Rogers to life for nearly a decade, he's not easy to forget—and rightfully so.

Marvel Studios knows this, so in order to help ease the transition, it's making some changes.


To celebrate Sam's new promotion, Marvel has officially changed the banners on its Captain America social media pages on Twitter and Facebook from Chris Evans' Captain America to Anthony Mackie's.

The banner prior to the change featured Chris Evans' Steve Rogers alongside his comic and Marvel's Avengers counterparts:

Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Chris Evans, Captain America

The new banner now showcases Anthony Mackie's Captain America decked out in his red, white, and blue Wakanda suit:

The Falcon and the Winter Soldier, Falcon, Captain America, Sam Wilson


Like it or not, Steve Rogers isn't here anymore. Sam Wilson is now Captain America in the MCU, and this move by Marvel is clearly an attempt to showcase that to fans—definitely putting Sam into the spotlight. It's certainly a big move, trying to distance views from Chris Evans' role.

Things are going to get a little tricky if Chris Evans does ever return as Steve Rogers . However, it wasn't much of an issue in the comics. As when Sam was active as Captain America, Steve went by, well, Steve. So, the situation isn't a foreign one for Marvel.

Either way, the current future is with Sam Wilson and his new partner Bucky Barnes. The upcoming Captain America 4 is likely to be the next time fans see the two in action , so it may be a bit before Captain America graces viewers' screens again.