Marvel Reportedly Cut Becky Lynch's 'Depressing' MCU Post-Credits Scene

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According to a new report, Marvel Studios cut a depressing post-credits scene from a key Phase 4 project that involved WWE star Becky Lynch.

Little teases after each MCU project are a tradition at this point and something that continued throughout Phase 4 (Black Panther: Wakanda Forever being a notable exception) after Avengers: Endgame.

So far, some of these small scenes have introduced characters such as Pip the Troll, Eros, and Hercules along upcoming plot lines for Moon Knight and Kit Harrington’s Dane Whitman. Others have been comedic gags, like Pizza Poppa in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness or "Rogers: The Musical" at the end of Hawkeye.

A majority of the recent tags have been setups for upcoming stories and plot lines. Now it seems another scene, meant to set the stage for a future story, was left on the cutting room floor—and it was supposedly pretty bleak.

A Depressing MCU Post-Credits Scene Was Axed

Becky Lynch, Marvel

In a new report from Fightful Select, it's been revealed that professional wrestler Becky Lynch once had a Marvel role in the MCU's Phase 4, but it was cut.

The part was for Chloé Zhao's Eternals and was set to be a post-credits scene following the end of the first film.

The outlet knew Lynch was once involved with the MCU back in 2021, but no one at Marvel Studios would comment on it. They were told that "the role was for [the Eternals] in a post-credit scene to set up something for a future installment."

They elaborated on how it's not out of the question for Lynch to reprise her cut role in the future, despite her first scene being cut. Fightful Select's sources also claimed that Marvel Studios themselves were happy with the actress' performances, so she had nothing to do with why the scene was cut.

The site also clarified that it's not known for sure if Lynch's scenes were ever actually filmed or if it was cut prior to going in front of cameras.

Sources indicated that the scene in question was "too depressing" and also included Harry Styles' Eros.

Neither Marvel nor Becky Lynch has responded to comment on the rumors.

Who Was Becky Lynch's Cut MCU Character in Eternals?

So who would Lynch have been in the MCU? There’s no clear answer.

Eternals Zuras

One of the top picks could be a gender-bent version of Zuras, one of the key Eternals that didn’t make it into the team's debut film. In the comics, the character is one of the oldest of the group and was responsible for building Olympia, their key base of operations.

Eternals Shastra

Another potential option would be Shastra, though she isn’t much of a major player, but is an Eternal nonetheless. Her abilities grant her the powers of gravity manipulation and even flight, making Shastra a force to be reckoned with.

Both of those Eternal possibilities have red hair, which the actress shares—a minor connection, but a connection nonetheless. Then again, she may have been in for a non-Eternal role, one that could have later been involved elsewhere in the MCU.

As for what the depressing aspect of her role would have been, it isn’t clear. Chloé Zhao previously admitted that the movie once had a far bleaker ending which involved the Eternals all getting their memories wiped and sent off to a new planet, 

Perhaps Lynch was involved with those scenes, either as a new member of the Eternal team on that world or as someone doing the mind wiping.

Hopefully, an Eternals sequel will materialize eventually, even though the latest update regarding the project didn't sound awfully promising

While the cosmic ensemble will almost certainly see a sequel one day - with one actor particularly convinced they will be back - fans could be waiting until Phase 7 and the next saga for the story to continue.

Eternals is now streaming on Disney+.

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