Marry My Husband Season 2: Will More Episodes Release?

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Marry My Husband main characters

Marry My Husband‘s first season is concluding imminently on Amazon Prime Video, but will Season 2 ever be happen?

In Marry My Husband, the central character Kang Ji-won travels back in time after finding out about her husband’s shocking infidelity with her best friend. Armed with the ability to right that which went wrong in the past, Ji-won sets out on a path of revenge.

What’s the Status of Marry My Husband Season 2?

Marry My Husband
Marry My Husband

The popular K-Drama Marry My Husband, which airs in South Korea on tvN and is streamable in other regions on Amazon Prime Video, has only two episodes left in its season.

A Season 2, though, has yet to be confirmed for the series. Generally, unlike American TV, South Korean drama series conclude after one season. This is because a given show is likely to tell one complete story.

Therefore, it might not be a great idea to hold one’s breath for a second season of Marry My Husband.

And if that was not enough evidence, it is very important to note that Marry My Husband is based on a webcomic on the Webtoons platform. The webcomic is a standalone tale and does not have any kind of sequel or follow-up.

So, with that in mind, if the show were to extend into a sophomore run, new material would need to be created, mapped out, and written. This is quite antithetical to how K-Dramas usually operate.

How Might Marry My Husband End?

Assuming Marry My Husband sticks closely to the storyline laid out in the original Webtoons comic, Ji-won will succeed in enacting vengeance on her husband Park Min-hwan her friend Jung Soo-min.

In the comic, Min-hwan and Soo-min tie the not, but their ensuing married life is far from perfect. In fact, they are destined to have a pretty terrible life together, as Min-hwan is portrayed as a grade-A jerk and they are also not on firm financial footing.

But what of the protagonist Kang Ji-won? Well, she will likely marry her friend and associate Yoo Ji-hyuk.

The two have served as the main romantic pairing in Marry My Husband and have had a real 'will-they-won’t-they' thing going on. Ji-won and Ji-hyuk will score the greatest achievement a couple in a romcom can get: A happy ending.

The penultimate episode of Marry My Husband will arrive on Monday, February 19 with the finale coming shortly after on Tuesday, February 20.

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