Marry My Husband Episode 13 Release Date & Remaining Schedule

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Marry My Husband

The release date for Marry My Husband Episode 13 - along with the remaining Season 1 schedule - was confirmed ahead of its debut. 

The hit Korean drama kicked off its Season 1 on January 1, airing internationally on terrestrial TV and streaming stateside on Amazon Prime Video

Ramping up the drama in recent weeks, Marry My Husband is now more than half over as fans follow Park Min-young's Kang Ji-won - a woman who, after being murdered upon discovering her husband's infidelity, goes back in time to hopefully change things. 

Marry My Husband Episode 13 Coming Soon

Marry My Husband
Marry My Husband

Marry My Husband is about to release Episode 13, as the fan-favorite K-drama confirmed its remaining release date schedule. 

As confirmed by Marry My Husband's home network in South Korea tvN, Episode 13 of Marry My Husband will debut on Monday, February 12, followed closely by Episode 14 on Tuesday, February 13.

This aligns with the Season 1 schedule thus far, as the show releases on Mondays and Tuesdays at 8:50 p.m. KST before streaming worldwide on Amazon Prime Video. 

This release timing will continue for the rest of the first season, with the finale airing on Tuesday, February 20. 

Here is the full remaining Marry My Husband release date schedule:

  • Episode 13: Monday, February 12
  • Episode 14: Tuesday, February 13
  • Episode 15: Monday, February 19
  • Episode 16: Tuesday, February 20

Is Marry My Husband Getting a Season 2?

There has been no official confirmation of a Season 2 of Marry My Husband, but that is not to say it is completely off the table. 

The show has taken no time getting into its time-traveling story with Park Min-young's Kang Ji-won having changed the course of history and not gotten together with her future husband. 

In fact, her former husband, Park Min-hwan (played by Lee Yi-kyung), is now set to marry Jung Soo-min.

The last fans saw Ji-won, she was trying to embarrass her former husband at his wedding to further exact her revenge for breaking her heart in the future. 

While the next set of episodes could resolve this revenge plot and maybe even see Ji-won find love (potentially in the arms of her best friend, Yoo Ji-hyuk), there is also always the chance this is only just the beginning of her time-hopping story. 

As demonstrated in the series' first episode, Ji-won has gone back in time 10 years after discovering her husband's affair and dying. That means there is a decade to fill in if the series creators want to. 

One major storytelling hurdle the series will have to hop over is that the wedding the K-drama is now setting up eventually ends up being the final major story beat in the webtoon and web novel the series is based on.

If the show is successful enough, surely there are more stories to tell in this universe. But, as it stands, Episode 16 could be Marry My Husband's last.

Marry My Husband is streaming now on Amazon Prime Video. 

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