Made In Abyss Anime Controversy - Manga Author Claims Explained

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Anime series Made in Abyss has become the subject of controversy involving child abuse, several K-pop stars, and false arrest rumors.

Despite holding a massive fanbase, Made in Abyss has become rather controversial for its recurring presentation and themes of child torture, abuse, rape, and experimentation by the anime's villain.

The series follows orphaned girl Riko on the search for her missing mother who is believed to be in the mysterious chasm of the Abyss filled with crazy creatures and relics. In the show, the horrific treatment of children comes from the villain Bondrewd, a researcher trying to uncover the Abyss' secrets.

Riko in Made In Abyss Anime
Riko in Made in Abyss

While some have openly criticized these elements as being fetishized or painted in a positive light, others argue Made in Abyss is intentionally dark and disturbing at times as it dives into these themes in a negative light.

Part of the controversy comes from a claim that the author of the Manga-turned-Anime, Akihito Tsukushi, has pedophilic fetishes and has even been arrested on such charges. However, these claims appear to be misinformation, as there is no evidence to suggest he has been arrested or charged.

Regardless, the backlash to these elements has landed a number of K-pop stars in hot water for praising Made in Abyss and recommending the anime to their fanbases, which included sizable younger audiences.

TXT's Soobin referred to the anime as "kind of provocative" and as such didn't directly recommend the series, but he did state he is "having fun" watching.

Both NCT's Taeyong, SEVENTEEN's Woozi, and ATEEZ's Mingi also mentioned having watched Made in Abyss, while Sakura from LE SSERAFIM supposedly said she found the show "interesting."

Another celebrity praising Made in Abyss is Netflix's live-action One Piece actress Emily Rudd, who dubbed it as her "favorite anime" during an interview.

Made in Abyss is streaming now on HIDIVE.

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