'Maclunkey!' The Mandalorian Season 2 Finale Puts Strange Star Wars Phrase To Use

By Jennifer McDonough Posted:
Han Solo, The Mandalorian, Greedo

Warning — This article contains spoilers for The Mandalorian Season 2

It was the "Maclunkey" heard 'round the world: When Disney+ first arrived on the devices of consumers in November of 2019, many, many fans noticed Star Wars: A New Hope's new inclusion of a line of dialogue in the infamous Cantina standoff scene between Han Solo and Greedo .

Fans are obviously quite familiar with the retroactive changes applied by George Lucas to the original Star Wars trilogy; be it the size of the door to Jabba the Hutt's palace in Return of the Jedi or the removal of Darth Vader's "Bring my shuttle." in The Empire Strikes Back. However, no alteration is more notorious than making Han shoot Greedo only after the Rodian bounty hunter tries to shoot Han first.

So, one can imagine the reaction to the new line of dialogue spliced into A New Hope for the Disney+ release. Indeed, just before Greedo fires his blaster (Which he s till does before Han) he utters the Huttese phrase, "Maclunkey." which apparently translates to "This will be the end of you." Evidently, Greedo's overconfidence was his weakness.

Maclunkey Greedo
Star Wars: A New Hope


In the post-credits scene (Yes, Star Wars does post credits scenes now. Take that, Marvel.) to the season two finale of The Mandalorian , Fennec Shand and Boba Fett bust into Jabba's palace on Tatooine, guns blazing. They find Jabba's former majordomo, Bib Fortuna, atop the throne where the powerful Hutt crime lord once sat. Fortuna attempts to stop the fearsome bounty hunters by dispatching his guards with the phrase "Maclunkey!" or to put it in its Star Wars spelling, "ma klounkee."

Maclunkey The Mandalorian Season 2
The Mandalorian


At this point, "Maclunkey" is a huge meme. The fans know it, Lucasfilm knows it and, obviously, Mandalorian creators Jon Favreau and Dave Filoni know it. Those two allowing the phrase to be inserted into the script for the scene in question was obviously meant as a bit of a wink and a nod to Star Wars devotees.

For those who might take offense at the word's inclusion, the best advice to take is that of "Lighten up a little." Star Wars is meant to be fun and doesn't have to be serious business one hundred percent of the time.

Of course, the purpose of the entire scene was to set up The Book of Boba Fett which is presumed to be a limited series and will arrive on Disney+ in December of 2021.

Until then, Star Wars fans will just have to be maclunkey- err... patient.

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