Will Lupin Season 4 Happen? TV Creator Gives Update

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Omar Sy as Lupin

Lupin creator George Kay addressed the possibility of seeing a Season 4 after an explosive Season 3 finale. 

Season 3 of the hit Netflix series mainly revolved around expert thief Assane Diop's (Omar Sy) quest to disappear after becoming France's most wanted man. 

It also explored the story of how he managed to steal the Black Pearl, leading to Assane receiving praise and support from the public while also faking his death in the process. 

Still, it wasn't enough to escape prison as Lupin Season 3 ended with Assane behind bars, and he's serving his time next to his arch-nemesis, Hubert Pelligrini.

Lupin Creator Gets Honest About Season 4 Hopes

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In an interview with Variety, Lupin co-creator George Kay talked about the chances of Season 4. 

While admitting that the Vice President of Series in France Damien Couvreur has a "factor" in the decision, Kay pointed out that that they set Lupin as a show that can "have a long life:" 

"Obviously, we’ve [worked] super hard on these seasons and then we got to see how the world reacts. So I would say, not to answer for Damien [Couvreur,] but he’s got to factor that in. But when you create the dynamics amongst the characters, you set these shows up so that they can have a long life so that you’re not cornered or you don’t have a problem continuing them, because it’s harder to generate length out of a show that’s not designed to run and run."

Kay ended by teasing that they "had very ambitious foundations" for the series, noting that "it's definitely got the scale" if Season 4 is bound to happen: 

"So we had very ambitious foundations for it. So it’s definitely got the scale if it’s required."

Speaking in a separate interview with RadioTimes.com, Lupin's co-creator reiterated that "these shows are designed on purpose to run for a long time."

Kay continued by saying that stunts and locations in Paris to explore are not part of the creatives' worries, sharing that the one thing that the show needs to keep exploring is the characters' "core central relationships:"

"And it’s never about the stunts. The one tiny worry of running out of amazing places in Paris to steal from, that’s not the issue. It’s just making sure that you have those core central relationships to keep exploring."

Kay then laid out what to potentially expect in Season 4, such as Assane's possible proper reunion with Claire and Raul and continuing to "navigate his personal life:"

“Will Assane reunite with Claire and Raul properly? Will he be able to navigate his personal life? Those relationships feel really strong, and so that can keep on going.”

At the end of the day, it all boils down to Netflix's decision: 

“The only way we know for sure is when Netflix says keep going, but all of the architecture is there for that."

Why Lupin Season 4 Needs to Happen

Lupin Season 3's ending indicated that Assane's story is far from over despite ending up in prison. 

The confirmation that his cell is near his rival, Hubert Pelligrini (Hervé Pierre) allows the series to explore more unique interactions and storylines in Season 4. 

While seeing Assane inside the prison would diminish the chances of him plotting out major heists and evading capture outside, it sets up a radically different Season 4.

A potential Season 4 of Lupin would stand out since much of its focus would revolve around core relationships between characters, which is in line with Lupin co-creator George Kay's comments about prioritizing the dynamic between characters to extend its longevity. 

At this point, the ball is on Netflix's court for Lupin's Season 4 renewal, but the good thing here is Kay's reassurance that there are future installments in the cards. 

All three seasons of Lupin are now streaming on Netflix.

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