More Star Wars: The Clone Wars Seasons Hinted At By Lucasfilm Animation

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Star Wars The Clone Wars

The seventh and final season of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, which began airing on Disney+ in February of this year, is drawing to a close. The latest episode titled "Old Friends Not Forgotten" aired this past Friday while the next and final three episodes titled "The Phantom Apprentice," " Shattered ," and " Victory and Death " are set to air on April 24, May 1, and May 4. These episodes are set to show the long-awaited Siege of Mandalore and Order 66 overlapping with the events of Star Wars: Revenge of Sith and bringing the series and its stories to its end. Or is it?


In a recent tweet by Gianni Aliotti , the Lighting and FX Supervisor at Lucasfilm Animation, Aliotti expressed how happy he was for the fan appreciation of the work on The Clone Wars , while also alluding to the possibility of "more."

The question becomes: What exactly did Aliotti mean by "making more"? Does this mean more Clone Wars episodes? Or was he saying more series and projects from Lucasfilm Animation?


It's unlikely that fans will receive more episodes of The Clone Wars since the current season has been said to be the final season and is leading right into events from Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith . However, Lucasfilm could be planning for more Clone Wars content in the form of shorts or spin-offs. Some fans had hoped to see more events from Genndy Tartakosky’s Clone Wars in the series . What's interesting is Obi-Wan made reference to one of those stories in last Friday's episode.

These comments could also mean future animated projects are already in the works and could include these characters or those seen in Star Wars Rebels . Hopefully, these questions will be answered once the final episode airs on May 4th.

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