The Direct Podcast: Loki Primer - What To Know Before Watching

By Liam Crowley Posted:
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Wednesdays are now burdened with glorious purpose.

Marvel Studios returns to streaming screens next week with Loki, a six episode season following Tom Hiddleston's God of Mischief through a time-traveling adventure. But before we follow the MCU's resident trickster throughout history, we have quite a bit to catch up on.

We walk through all the cast and characters, the director and writer's stacked resumes, the mysterious plot, and more. What is the Time Variance Authority? How will this show affect the greater MCU? Will Kang show up? When will Owen Wilson say "wow" for the first time?

As tradition with these primers, we wrap this preview show by answering YOUR QUESTIONS!


1:03 - How We're Feeling

5:26 - Cast and Characters

27:24 - Kang the Conqueror

33:48 - Directors and Writers

43:50 - Plot Details and Rumors, What We're Looking Forward To

59:32 - Mailbag

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October 05, 2023
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