Loki Season 2: Actress Addresses Possible Return for Hunter C-20

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One of the biggest ideas introduced in Tom Hiddleston's Loki (and there were a lot of them) was the Time Variance Authority. Also known as the TVA, the organization's purpose was to watch over the Sacred Timeline and keep alternate timelines from branching off. To do this, they had various agents doing He Who Remains' dirty work.

The whole situation started to unravel for multiple reasons, including how the entire agency was actually comprised of what they'd been exterminating since they could remember: Variants. The person to start that unraveling was Hunter C-20, played by Sasha Lane.

Thanks to Sophia Di Martino's Sylvie, the former TVA agent came to learn how she was an alternate version of herself from a branching timeline that no longer existed. In trying to warn the rest of the workforce, Ravonna Renslayer stopped her from speaking any further. According to Renslayer, the C-20 succumbed to damage caused by Sylvie's former possession of her body.

But could she actually still be out there?

Hunter C-20's Possible Return

Sasha Lane, Loki
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In an interview with Collider, Sasha Lane commented on her possibility of returning as Hunter C-20 at some point in the future.

Lane joked that she hopes her character is "hiding behind a rock somewhere," and how the producers said "oh, we'll see" when asked if she had a future with the character.

“I remember telling the producer, because they’re like, ‘Oh, we’ll see,’ and I was like, ’If I happen to make it back, can I just be hiding behind a little rock somewhere? Just squatted behind a rock just like, ‘Hey! Missed you guys. It’s been a while.’ I’m desperately hoping to be hiding behind a rock somewhere because you don’t know where I went! You don’t know. So, to me, I’m not dead, so I’m just trying to project it out there that there’s a rock that I’m sitting behind just, ‘Is anybody gonna stop by soon?’”

The Future of Hunter C-20

So could Sasha Lane's character still be out there, despite audiences being told she was dead? Absolutely. Especially given how Ravonna Renslayer's word isn't necessarily the most trustworthy given everything she did in the closing episodes.

While Hunter C-20 may seem like a minor character in the grand scheme of the story, she could actually be the best person to bring back into the fold after the big cliffhanger at the end of the show's season 1 finale. With an entirely new TVA filled with alternate Variants, possibly hinting at multiple TVAs as well, Lane's enlightened hunter could help everyone come to terms with the truth of their existence.

Fans will have to wait to find out when Loki's second season hits the streaming service sometime in 2023. With filming about to pick up in a few weeks, hopefully, some interesting tidbits will be released sooner rather than later, and tease where the show may be headed.

Loki Season 1is now streaming on Disney+.

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