Loki: Marvel Reveals Official Slogan For TVA In Tom Hiddleston Series

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The next MCU installment is back on the small screen for Disney+ with Tom Hiddleston's Loki. This time-jumping, reality-twisting series is set to begin on Wednesday, June 9 and will be the third straight Disney+ series from Marvel Studios to kick off Phase 4.

Loki will give fans their first live-action look at the Time Variance Authority and Owen Wilson's Mobius M. Mobius. After 2012 Loki from Avengers: Endgame vanished with the Tesseract, he seemingly caused an altered reality, thus breaking the proper flow of time.

Mobius will attempt to get Loki to work with the TVA in order to restore the time flow, but audiences can expect mischief to be afoot. The TVA's mascot, Miss Minutes, has previously been revealed, but now another detail about the TVA has been released.


Two new covers released by Total Film magazine show Loki standing on a TVA logo that says "For all time, always." This appears to be the TVA's slogan, highlighting the never-ending mission of the TVA to maintain the flow of time. 

This more simplistic cover gives the best look at the new slogan:

Loki Total Film
Total Film

This busier cover shows a closer look at Loki in his TVA uniform:

Loki Cover
Total Film



In the comics, the Time Variance Authority is a governing group that oversees all of time and different multiverses. They were founded far into the future with their goal being to keep interferences to a minimum. In the MCU, Loki qualifies as an interference after disappearing with the Tesseract. 

The unique overseeing of both time and reality makes the TVA one of the most impactful forces out there, being able to jump around in time and reality. Mobius works in senior management for the bureaucracy and is set to be the bridge between the MCU and this new all-seeing organization. 

"For all time, always" has a double meaning. "For all time" means that the TVA is watching all the time and that they will never cease. With a Loki season 2 already being rumored, fans should get used to the TVA's presence in the MCU as they may begin to play even a bigger role after this series.

Characters that are confirmed to be coming to the MCU like the Fantastic Four and Kang the Conqueror all have history with the TVA in the comics.

Find out more about the TVA when Loki hits Disney+ on Wednesday, June 9. 

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