Loki: New Trailer For Next Episode Reveals Even More Lokis

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Loki Episode 5 Lokis

Loki has been quite the unusual show. It's certainly something fans should have expected going in, especially because it was teased to be even more out of the box than WandaVision. Needless to say, it looks like Marvel Studios was right. 

The show has introduced the TVA, an organization whose existence completely flips the MCU on its head, revealing brand-new rules on how everything works. From the Sacred Timeline, Variants, and Miss Minutes—it was a lot to take in. Then, of course, there was Sophia Di Martino's Sylvie.

A variant of Loki herself, Sylvie got a lot of the spotlight as fans connected with her and understood how she is different from the Loki everyone already knows. Even Loki appreciated her, as he seemingly started to gain some attraction to her—and, of course, only Loki would fall for himself.

Sylvie is far from the only Variant to be featured. At the end of Episode 4, four additional Lokis were revealed: Classic, Kid, Boastful, and Alligator Loki stared at viewers' Loki as he woke up with them standing over him. 

It looks like fans will have plenty more Lokis to look forward to in the last two episodes of the Disney+ series.


Marvel, Loki, MCU
Marvel Studios

Ahead of the debut of Episode 5 of Loki, Marvel Studios released a brand-new teaser for fans, showing off even more Loki Variants that will be appearing in the Disney+ series.

Also of note is a rather big, beached ship. This ship has been glimpsed at in various promotional material leading up to its reveal.

Marvel, Loki, MCU
Marvel Studios

The full teaser can be seen below:



From the looks of it, the next episode will be going the distance when it comes to introducing the many Lokis that have been pruned by the TVA. While many are sure to be throw-away jokes, one is left to wonder if there will be any other significant Variants introduced, alongside the four that were in the last episode's post-credits scene.

It also seems like fans will finally be getting President Loki as wellThough, from the promo, it's hard to tell if that Loki is the one everyone is familiar with or yet another Variant joining the party. 

Things are heating up on the show, and the most exciting part is how impossible it is to see where it is going. Fans will just have to buckle up and enjoy the final two episodes of the ride.

The next episode of Loki premieres on July 7, 2021, exclusively on Disney+.

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