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There was a lot to love about Loki. For one, it was able to take the Marvel Cinematic Universe to places it has never been; such as introducing the world to the TVA, and the very concept of time itself

Not only that, but the world learned about the idea of Variants, something which is bound to come in handy when watching Spider-Man: No Way Home later this year. For many, Sylvie, one of the key Variants of Loki himself, was the best part of Tom Hiddleston's first solo outing.

The show was chock-full of Easter eggs from the start. Things such as the Thanes Copter got the spotlight, and Mobius making a reference to vampires ahead of the introduction of Blade to the MCU.

The show started off with an introduction video that presented plenty of opportunities for fun nods and hints to both the future and the comic source material. Thanks to Screen Rant, fans now know for sure that within Miss Minutes' opening monologue, the show's creative team put a Captain Marvel Easter egg in plain sight. 


In Loki's first episode, there's a fun little introduction video to the TVA that Miss Minutes narrates. In it, there is briefly a shot of two races fighting each other—which looks very similar to the Kree and Chitauri races previously seen in the MCU. Turns out, that's exactly what they are!

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Luma Pictures' Jared Simeth, who led some of the VFX work in Loki, recently sat down to talk with Screen Rant, where he went into that sequence, saying "the very beginning [of the introduction video] was fairly ambiguous," but within it, they did in fact animate two tribes fighting, which "were the Kree and the Chitauri."

"The description at the very beginning was fairly ambiguous for what was in there; for the scene where the variant goes in and there's fighting between two tribes, the tribes were the Kree and the Chitauri. They're fighting - not necessarily with all the advanced technology that you see in some of the other Marvel shows, but we very much based them off of the designs from that cartoon style."

Loki Kree Chitauri

The Kree were last seen in Carol Danver's origin film Captain Marvel, with the Chitauri not properly seen since Avengers: Endgame aboard Sanctuary II.


It's always fun for previous elements of the MCU to get referenced and/or used in various projects. While it's hard to say where a race like the Chitauri will show up next, the Kree are set to be a huge part of the universe going forward.

With how closely related Captain Marvel is to the Kree, fans should expect them to play a big role in her outing The Marvel; especially since Jude Law's Yon-Rogg is reportedly returning to his role. As for anything beyond that, not much is known—the film's plot remains under wraps.

Then there is the Secret Invasion Disney+ show arriving next year, which follows the Kree's arch-nemesis: Skrulls. With how prominent the shape-shifting race seems to be in the future of the MCU, the Kree can't be too far behind. Maybe fans will even get to see an adaptation of the massive Kree-Skrull war that has precedents in the comics.

Fans can watch The Marvels when it releases next year on November 11.

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