Loki Writer Explains Why An Alligator & Kid Loki Were Picked For Post-Credits Scene

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Loki Alligator Kid Loki

Time may pass differently in the TVA, but it moves slower than ever between new episodes of Loki on Disney+.

Ever since the series debuted on June 9, each episode has left fans with questions, cliffhangers, and most recently, a truly bizarre post-credits scene. 

Episode 4 titled "The Nexus Event" ended with the Time-Keepers revealed as androids, both Mobius and Loki having been pruned, and Sylvie demanding answers from the nefarious Ravonna Renslayer. But in true Marvel fashion, the show had one last scene to leave with fans.

After the credits rolled, a post-credit scene revealed that Loki is alive in a strange location with four other Loki Variants. But if that wasn't enough of a shocker, one of the Lokis was an alligator while the other was actor Richard E. Grant sporting the God of Mischief's classic comic book look. 

So why these particular Loki variants? Thankfully, fans don't have to wait until the next episode for a few answers. 


Loki Kid Loki

In an interview with CBR, Loki head writer Michael Waldron explained his choices for the Loki variants saying, "I think it was drawing inspiration from the comics:"

"I don't want to go into too much detail. The next episode, obviously, we might be seeing more of those guys. You know, I think it was drawing inspiration from the comics, certainly. You can see a young whippersnapper Loki there that folks will recognize from the comics. I loved the idea of seeing him."

Thanks to the credits, fans know that "young whippersnapper Loki" is actually credited as Kid Loki and is played by Jack Veal.

But Waldron's comic-inspired reasons for Kid Loki also applied to Richard E. Grant's version saying, "Richard E. Grant in the slime green outfit, that's an ode to the original Loki costume. So it was just trying to pick some of the iconic versions, as well as an alligator."

When asked whether the reptilian God of Mischief is, in fact, a crocodile or an alligator, Waldron said, "Let me give you the breaking news scoop: it is an alligator. Heard it here first!"


While post-credits scenes are a Marvel tradition, they're also a storytelling tool and somewhat of a theater litmus test for who in the audience is a true MCU fan.

But even though they've been a part of the Marvel theatrical experience from the beginning, fans didn't know until WandaVision that the studio intended to keep the tradition going on Disney+; and, to date, they're used sparingly and reserved for only for specific episodes. 

This latest episode of Loki was the first of the series to receive this particular Marvel treatment; and as every good post-credits scene should do, it accomplished several things. First, it established what audiences need to know for the next episode; and second, it left them ready for more and plenty to speculate about until then. 

However, since Gator Loki is now MCU canon, it seems that the only thing fans can safely predict for this series is more mischief.

New episodes of Loki debut on Wednesdays on Disney+.

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