Full Cast of Letterkenny Season 12 - Every Main Character & Actor Who Appears (Photos)

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Jared Keeso and Nathan Dales return to lead the cast of Letterkenny Season 12.

The hit Canadian sitcom revolves around the daily escapades of the titular town, specifically focusing on the ups and downs of the Hicks family. 

The six-episode final season premiered on Crave on December 25 while it was made available on Hulu the following day, December 26. 

Every Main Actor & Character in Letterkenny Season 12 

Jared Keeso - Wayne and Shoresy

Jared Keeso in Letterkenny
Jared Keeso

Jared Keeso brings two characters to life in Letterkenny, namely Wayne and Shoresy. 

Wayne is described as the main instigator of the hilarious (and sometimes, dangerous) shenanigans in the titular town. Still, Wayne is deemed as one of the strong leaders of Letterkenny. 

Shoresy is a famous hockey player known for his signature move of hurting his opponents in the rink. The character is also the star of Letterkenny's spin-off series, Shoresy.

While the two characters interact throughout Letterkenny's run, it has been a running gag for the show to not show the face of Shoresy during such moments, mainly because Keeso plays both characters. 

In Season 12, Wayne gives stand-up comedy a try while also going back and forth in trying to move with Rosie in Vancouver. 

Keeso is best known for his roles in Elysium, 19-2, and Heritage Minutes.

Nathan Dales - Daryl

Nathan Dales as Daryl in Letterkenny
Nathan Dales

Nathan Dales plays Daryl, Wayne's best friend. 

Although they are loyal to one another, the pair usually bicker at each other due to petty reasons, such as arguing over trick-or-treat customs during Halloween. 

Season 12 highlights Daryl's successful attempt at doing stand-up comedy and his blossoming relationship with one of the town's newcomers, Harley. 

Dales previously appeared in Resident Evil: Welcome to Raccoon City, Tower Prep, and The Indian Detective.

Michelle Mylett - Katy

Michelle Mylett as Katy in Letterkenny
Michelle Mylett

Katy (played by Michelle Mylett) is Wayne's younger sister who often hangs out with her brother, Daryl, and Dan. 

As Wayne's sister, Katy will do anything for her brother, such as seeking revenge against his ex and serving as his wingman (matchmaker) during parties. 

In Letterkenny Season 12, Katy stands out among the boys during her incredible stand-up comedy debut. She also contemplates moving to Mexico due to the feeling of being stuck in the small town. 

Mylett has credits in Bad Blood, El Camino Christmas, and Four in the Morning.

K. Trevor Wilson - Squirrelly Dan

K. Trevor Wilson as Squirrelly Dan in Letterkenny
K. Trevor Wilson

Squirrelly Dan completes the members of Wayne's inner circle alongside Katy and Daryl. The character is played on-screen by K. Trevor Wilson.

Dan is a playboy who loves to share stories about his life with the gang. While he has an unusual speech pattern, Dan is known to be a smart guy, with him doing a deep dive into equal rights and women's studies.

Aside from joining the Hicks (the main gang) in their stand-up comedy shenanigans, Squirrelly Dan's journey in Season 12 mainly revolves around his transformation into one of the Mennonites, a branch of the larger Christian Anabaptist tradition. 

Wilson is known for his roles in Goosebumps, Mr. Viral, and The Art of the Steal.

Dylan Playfair - Reilly

Dylan Playfair as Reilly in Letterkenny
Dylan Playfair

Dylan Playfair is part of the cast of Letterkenny Season 12 as Reilly. 

Reilly is Katy's ex-boyfriend, Jonesy's best friend, and Wayne's occasional rival on the hockey floor. 

In the final season, Reilly is not supportive of Katy's decision to move to Mexico, and he does everything that he can to convince her to stay in the town.

Playfair previously appeared as Coach T in The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers. The actor's other notable credits include Descendants 2, The Sinners, and Odd Man Rush.

Andrew Herr - Jonesy

Andrew Herr as Jonesy in Letterkenny
Andrew Herr

Jonesy (played by Andrew Herr) is Reilly's inseparable best friend and Katy's other ex-boyfriend.

Initially introduced as a self-centered and selfish individual. the character eventually transitions into becoming a mature and humble person due to Katy's guidance.

Similar to Reilly, Jonesy also makes a move to make Katy stay in Letterkenny.

Herr has credits in Status Update, Story of a Girl, and Adventures in Public School.

Tyler Johnston - Stewart

Tyler Johnston as Stewart in Letterkenny
Tyler Johnston

Tyler Johnston's Stewart is the leader of the Skids, a group of cybergoth misfits in Letterkenny who make and sell drugs in the town. 

Stewart and his gang serve as the host of one last party during Letterkenny's series finale, much to the appreciation of Wayne and the rest of the characters.

Johnston has over 40 credits to his name, with notable roles in A Picture Perfect Wedding, Hot Flash, and Rabbit.

Dan Petronijevic - McMurray

Dan Petronijevic as McMurray in Letterkenny
Dan Petronijevic

Dan Petronijevic plays McMurray, the president of the Letterkenny Agricultural Hall. 

McMurray is loyal to the titular town and he often helps Wayne with his endeavors. 

In Season 12, though, McMurray and Wayne have a brief clash since the latter wants to convince Daryl to get out of the Degens (the Hicks' rival group) with the help of the former. 

McMurray tells Wayne that he will not help him since he despises the Degens.

Petronijevic is known for his roles in 19-2, Spiral, and Pretty Hard Cases.

Jacob Tierney - Glen

Jacob Tierney as Glen in Letterkenny
Jacob Tierney

Glen is a Letterkenny mainstay who started as a pastor before venturing into different career paths in the past seasons. The character is played by Letterkenny co-creator, director, and producer Jacob Tierney. 

The character appears in the series finale as part of the group who brainstorms the next steps on what to do with the town's after-hours club.

The Canadian-American actor previously appeared in Mr. D, Working the Engels, and The Trotsky.

Lisa Codrington - Gail

Lisa Codrington as Gail in Letterkenny
Lisa Codrington

Gail (played by Lisa Codrington) is the owner of MoDean's, the bar where Wayne and his gang usually go during their downtime. 

Codrington's other notable role is playing Naomi Barnes in The Lake. The actress also appeared in Flatliners, Children Ruin Everything, and Anne with an E.

Kaniehtiio Horn - Tanis

Kaniehtiio Horn as Tanis in Letterkenny
Kaniehtiio Horn

Kaniehtiio Horn joins the main cast of Letterkenny Season 12 as Tanis. 

Tanis is The Natives' leader, which is a group that the Hicks usually run into yet choose not to fight.

Horn has a stellar resume, and her previous roles include The Trotsky, Death Wish, and Possessor

Evan Stern - Roald

Evan Stern as Roald in Letterkenny
Evan Stern

Roald is a loyal member of the Skids and Stewart's close friend. The character is played by Evan Stern. 

In the series finale, Roald helps Stewart set up the incredible party which includes almost every member of the local town. He also trains the Degen girls, Connor, and Darien with some tips and tricks about hockey. 

Stern previously appeared in 2014's Robocop, The Void, and Killjoys.

Mark Forward - Coach

Mark Forward as Coach in Letterkenny
Mark Forward

Mark Forward plays Coach, the Hicks' friend and a villain-turned-ally of Reilly and Jonesy. 

While he is occasionally antagonistic, Coach still has a soft spot for his fellow Letterkenny citizens. In fact, Betty Anne surprises him in the series finale, with the pair dancing together during Roald and Stewart's party. 

Forward is known for his roles in The Rocker, Mr. D, and Fargo.

Kamilla Kowal - Bonnie McMurray

Kamilla Kowal as Bonnie McMurray in Letterkenny

Bonnie is McMurray's younger sister who is attracted to Wayne at first, but she eventually moves on. The character is played by Kamilla Kowal. 

Although the Hicks (minus Wayne) has been attracted to her since her arrival, the series finale shows Bonnie and Daryl dancing together, seemingly implying that they are poised to end up together.

Kowal has credits in Junction Row, American Hangman, and The New Romantic.

Letterkenny Season 12 is now streaming on Hulu.

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