LEGO Unveils Record-Breaking MCU Set With 5,000 Pieces, 22 Characters (Photos)

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Marvel LEGO Avengers Tower

LEGO unveiled a record-breaking Marvel set in its latest take on the iconic Avengers Tower. 

The beloved brick-based company is no stranger to the world of Marvel superheroes, with plenty of mind-boggling sets to fill out fans' collections. 

Earlier this year, it was teased a new king would sit atop the throne of Marvel LEGO sets with a brand-new Avengers Tower set being rumored to be the biggest ever for the LEGO Marvel line. 

The reports hinted at a massive LEGO take on the beloved MCU locale, showcasing the version of the tower seen in Avengers: Age of Ultron

LEGO Breaks Records With Avengers Tower

LEGO Avengers Tower Set Box

The new LEGO Avengers Tower set has broken the record for the biggest product ever in the brand's Marvel line. 

Titled "76269 Avengers Tower," this newly-announced brick-based diorama allows collectors to have their very own Avengers HQ down to every detail. 

LEGO Avengers Tower Built

The Avengers Tower set will have the most pieces ever for a LEGO Marvel product, totaling 5,201. 

Avengers Tower LEGO Backside

It also comes with the most Minifigures for a single retail set. It includes 22 characters (31 mini-figures in total, as some characters have multiple suits & duplicates) with many of the Avengers, Loki and the Chitauri, and even Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige.

LEGO Avengers Tower Minifigures

LEGO wrote the set will "[stand] over 35.5 in. (90 cm) tall" and allow fans to "replay Infinity Saga battles alongside an all-star cast:"

"Capture the heroic style and scale of the most iconic building in the Avengers Universe with the 5,201-piece Avengers Tower. Standing over 35.5 in. (90 cm) tall, this monumental set is more than just an impressive display piece. It’s filled with ways to replay Infinity Saga battles alongside an all-star cast of 31 figures."

LEGO Avengers Tower Inside

This new Avengers Tower will come to stores on Friday, November 24, retailing for $499.99 USD. 

Will LEGO Ever Get Bigger Than the Avengers Tower?

Fans who have been itching for a centerpiece to their LEGO Marvel collection will be excited to finally have this eye-popping Avengers Tower set confirmed. 

At 5,201 pieces, this is going to almost surely be the coup de grâce of the Marvel LEGO line for some time. 

And this comes after a banner year for the brick-based Marvel brand. The Avengers Tower set closes out a killer last 12 months that also saw the release of the massive Spider-Man: No Way Home Statue of Liberty battle set and a new highly-detailed Daily Bugle building

But is this record-breaking Avengers Tower set going to stand as the biggest ever?

There are a few other Marvel-related moments or locations that could warrant something of the Avengers Tower's size. 

Of course, once the Fantastic Four finally join the MCU (with Fantastic Four set to release on May 2, 2025), fans can likely expect a similarly ginormous version of their home base, the Baxter Building. 

Other sets that could be this big could be a new take on The Avengers' Helicarrier, a premium take on the Guardians of the Galaxy's ship, the Bowie, or maybe even a Hogwarts-esque LEGO version of Professor Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters (aka the home of the X-Men).

The new LEGO Avengers Tower hits store shelves on Friday, November 24. 

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