Is a Land Before Time Remake Releasing In 2025? Disney Movie Speculation Explained

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The Land Before Time wallpaper

A new poster has fans believing Disney and Pixar are remaking Don Bluth's animated classic, The Land Before Time

The Land Before Time franchise has remained dormant since releasing its 14th and final film in 2016, two decades after it kicked off in 1996 with its first movie, which was executive produced by renowned filmmakers Steven Speilberg and George Lucas and distributed by Universal

In recent years, dinosaur fans have been left speculating whether the adorable Apatosaurus Littlefoot would ever return. 

New Poster Teases Land Before Time Remake

The Land Before Time Fake Poster

A poster for a Disney remake of The Land Before Time has gone viral, leading fans to question its legitimacy.

The project is seemingly being helmed by Disney and Pixar, deviating from its 2D animated roots and opting for a more modern 3D look. 

It sports three small dinosaurs front and center, assumedly being series mainstays Littlefoot, Cera, and the adorable Ducky. 

According to a description accompanying the supposed piece of marketing, the film is eyeing a "January 2025" release date and will follow "Littlefoot and friends [as they] journey through lush landscapes and encounter enchanting surprises:"

"THE LAND BEFORE TIME!!! Get ready to embark on a prehistoric escapade like never before! Disney and Pixar join forces to bring you a dazzling remake of 'The Land Before Time,' where Littlefoot and friends journey through lush landscapes and encounter enchanting surprises. Brace yourself for a January 2025 release – a dino-mite adventure awaits!"

While the poster may seem to be the real deal, it (however disappointing it may be) is fake.

Why Disney Is Not Making Land Before Time

The Land Before Time Original Poster

Given fan enthusiasm around the idea of a Land Before Time remake, some may wonder why Disney would not be working on such a project. 

The Hollywood giant could not remake the animated classic if it wanted to. 

Currently, Universal still owns the rights to the franchise (as it always has).

Funnily enough, Don Bluth, filmmaker and director of the first Land Before Time film, was ousted from Disney in the early 1980s, leading him to find an independent animation house that would eventually create the prehistoric blockbuster. 

Universal only recently stopped working on The Land Before Time franchise after it released the 14th film in 2016. 

While there is always the possibility the studio could eventually revisit it, perhaps with a remake, there are no plans to do so at the moment, with the franchise currently fossilizing in the annals of Universal's IP vault. 

And maybe it is for the best. That first Land Before Time film is beloved by many, but it was the only one in the series to get a theatrical release. 

The other 13 movies in the franchise were straight-to-video, with the series' popularity dwindling as it went on.

The Land Before Time is available for digital purchase on Amazon Prime Video, Apple TV+, and Google Play. 

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