Kevin Feige Reveals His 3 Favorite MCU Spider-Man Villains

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Kevin Feige, Spider-Man villains

The MCU has had its leaders, such as Tony Stark's Iron Man, Steve Rogers' Captain America, Nick Fury, and even Loki's He Who Remains. But within this universe, the ultimate leader, Timekeeper, and overall face of the MCU is Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige who, on the heels of Spider-Man: No Way Home's success and the bulk of Phase 4, thrilled the entertainment world with Phase 5 and 6 announcements at San Diego Comic-Con

Even though Feige revealed more than most expected during Marvel's Hall H panel, two properties were absent from his list of announcements: the X-Men and Spider-Man. 

Whether Feige is waiting until D23, or can't reboot the X-Men until 2025 due to contractual limitations, remains to be seen. But when it comes to the web-slinger, it's a bit more complicated as Sony owns the film rights to everyone's friendly neighborhood Spidey and is currently working on its adjacent Spider-Man Universe.

But even so, Marvel Studios' key creative is still a Spider-Man fan; and just like the MCU faithful, he too has opinions. 

Kevin Feige Talks Favorite Spider-Man Villains

In an interview printed in the back of The Amazing Spider-Man Issue 900, which was shared via Reddit, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige shared his top favorite Spider-Man villains from the MCU, beginning with "Doc Ock, for sure:"

"That’s hard. I mean, of course I’m going to think of the ones that we’ve worked on in the movies. Doc Ock, for sure. Mysterio, both in the comics and the movies, is such a crazy, unique, specific character."

While Jake Gyllenhaal's Mysterio in Spider-Man: Far From Home was a fresh and unique spin on the villain, and one that was instrumental to Peter Parker's journey, Doc Ock from Spider-Man 2 makes sense as Feige's first choice. 

Not only is Alfred Molina's performance as Doctor Otto Octavius considered one of the best portrayals of a comic book villain, but Kevin Feige served as an executive producer on Spider-Man 2 before bringing both Molina and the character into the MCU in Spider-Man: No Way Home.  

Spidey Villains

As for his third pick, Feige confessed that he "could easily say a Goblin," but instead, he chose "Vulture:"

"I could easily say a Goblin, but I’m going to say Vulture. Like my hero Paste-Pot Pete, I appreciate people who aren’t billionaires and test scientific things on themselves. People who are grinding and figuring it out. Michael Keaton played him in Homecoming. He thinks this world is nuts—all these people flying around and doing all these things just because they’re rich or they’re gods or aliens... I’m going to take their scraps and do it myself."

When he was then asked to pick between Spider-Man love interests, Gwen Stacy and Mary Jane Watson, the Marvel President replied, "When I think of the classic relationship of Peter Parker, I think of MJ."

Then, when asked to choose between Felicia or Mary Jane, once again, Feige went with "MJ."

Lastly, Feige was questioned about his favorite web-slinging costume, with his options consisting of the black costume, Iron Spider, 2099, Stealth, the classic, and even Bag-Man. 

Surprisingly, his first answer was Bag-Man, saying,

"Of that list, Bag-Man is my favorite to say because it’s so specific. I would buy a Bag-Man figure..."

For reference, Bag-Man was the result of Peter Parker having to don a Fantastic Four suit and a paper bag mask. This was due to him having no costume at all after Reed Richards helped him to remove his symbiote suit. 

Spider-Man Bag-Man

But in the end, Feige retracted his Bag-Man answer and went with "the classic" as his costume pick, explaining that "it's one of the greatest designs in human history:"

"...but, of course, it’s the classic. I really do believe, and I’m sure you’ve spoken to smarter people than me… but I do think that the classic-costume Spider-Man registers with the human soul. I’ve seen little kids who do not know who Spider-Man is see his face or see that outfit or see that mask and are drawn to it. There’s something about the way those lines and those colors and those eyes hit the optic nerves of a human that draws them in. I actually think it’s one of the greatest designs in human history."

Feige Knows Best

One of the reasons why the Marvel Cinematic Universe is leagues above comic-book film franchises is because Kevin Feige is as much of a fan as the MCU audience. 

As shown by his answers to these fan-favorite questions, he knows and respects these characters and stories and what the audience wants because it's what he wants too. 

Still, it is fascinating to hear his own personal takes on the Spidey baddies that have appeared on-screen thus far, especially in terms of why he's a fan of Vulture. Perhaps this is a bit of insight into who or what kind of villains Tom Holland's Peter Parker will face in Spider-Man 4 and beyond? 

Also, while the classic Spidey suit should always be the right answer, it's good to know that Feige is a Bag-Man fan. Perhaps this, too, is something audiences may see from the webhead if he crosses paths with the Fantastic Four

As to when that could be, as usual, only Feige knows. 

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