Will Marvel Recast Kang? John Boyega And Damson Idris Casting Speculation Trends Online

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Following the guilty verdict given to Jonathan Majors and the actor's firing from Disney, fans already have plenty of names in mind to replace him as the MCU's Kang the Conqueror, ranging from John Boyega to Damson Idris.

Jonathan Majors was in line to be the MCU's next big bad, but after he was found guilty of harassment and assault, Marvel Studios officially parted ways with the actor.

Seeing as how Kang the Conqueror is supposed to be such an important character going forward in the MCU, many feel as though Marvel Studios will find a new actor to play the character.

Who Do Fans Want to See Play Kang the Conqueror?

Jonathan Majors, Kang the Conqueror

Jonathan Majors was recently found guilty in his trail, and many fans have already gone into a frenzy advocating for who they want to take over for him as Kang the Conqueror.

The Star Wars sequel trilogy's John Boyega was a particularly popular name thrown into the mix for who should play Kang next.

One fan who goes by @robisraelart on X (formerly known as Twitter) pointed out that Boyega "was dressing up like Kang years ago," while including a picture of the actor from The Force Awakens World Premiere where Boyega wore a purple and black suit:

"This dude was dressing up like Kang years ago. John Boyega for the recast of Kang, make it happen."

@JoshThomas1994 joined in by also saying that they prefer Boyega to take over as Kang:

"Literally at this point, cast John Boyega as Kang the Conqueror. He'd crush it!"

However, it is important to point out that John Boyega has made it publicly known that he does not want to play Kang.

For example, @Platinumllamas shared a screen recording of Boyega's X account where someone tagged him in a post urging him to talk to Marvel Studios about the role of Kang to which he responded with a gif of Donkey from Shrek shaking his head no.

@Platinumllamas posted the recording to point out to fans that the actor does not want the role:

"'John Boyega should play Kang!' The John Boyega in question:"

Another hot name around the block that fans want to see as Kang is Snowfall and Black Mirror's Damson Idris.

@itsJustinRitch stated that they only "have two words" for the casting department at Marvel Studios which were "Damson Idris." The user also included a scene from Snowfall where Idris' acting skills are on full display:

"Marvel Studios…I have two words for you: Damson Idris."

@LillyImaan is yet another person who wants to see Idris as Kang. They shared a post that stated "Majors didn't wanna act right," so Idris should be given the role now:

"Give the role of Kang to Damson Idris since Jonathan Majors didn’t wanna act right."

Idris' name came up yet again when @premoo shared a video clip of someone saying, "You guys are in a crisis. I'm on my way." The user was referring to Marvel Studios being in a crisis and was suggesting that Idris is the solution:

"Damson Idris after finding out about the Jonathan Majors news:"

@WraysNephew876 also talked about Idris, posting a video of someone singing and saying that is likely how Idris feels now that Majors was found guilty:

"Damson Idris realizing he might be Kang now that Jonathan Majors is going to JAIL."

Black Adam's Aldis Hodge was also mentioned by several fans, and seeing as how he has experience acting in comic book movies, many feel like he would be a perfect fit.

@blewis1103 wondered if anyone has "checked Aldis Hodge's" upcoming roles and schedule:

"Anyway…has someone checked Aldis Hodge’s schedule for the next three or four years?"

Some fans such as @angie_goodwood are very adamant about Hodge taking over for Majors, telling the actor in all caps to "come get [his] new role:"


A lot of fans also mentioned actor Yahya Abdul-Mateen II as a promising candidate to become the next Kang, but it is important to mention that he is already in line to star in the MCU's upcoming Wonder Man series.

Still, people like @hoodopulence want to see Abdul-Mateen in the role, calling for him to "get on [their] Zoom" accounts and talk to someone about it:

"John Boyega and Yahya, get on y’all Zoom!"

@thunter86 mentioned Abdul-Mateen's name along with others that were previously mentioned, telling them to "get [their] resumes together:"

"Aldis Hodge, Yahya Abdul-Mateen, Trevante Rhodes, John Boyega, Damson Idris - get y’all’s resumes together my boys!"

Some fans, such as @LachesisHD, know about Abdul-Mateen's casting as Wonder Man already, but that doesn't stop them from still picking him as who they would like to see as Kang the Conqueror:

"I would've wanted Yahya Abdul-Mateen II, but he is playing Wonder Man.. so idk."

Colman Domingo, who has starred in films such as Lincoln and Selma, was also mentioned as someone who would make a perfect Kang.

@shanellegenai named off a few actors including Domingo, urging them to "dust off [their] capes:"

"Marvel officially dropped Monathan Majors. Colman, Yahya, Mahershala, John Boyega DUST OFF YOUR CAPES!!"

Domingo's name was mentioned alongside Aldis Hodge and Yahya Abdul-Mateen II's by @ThatDudeMCFLY:

"Aldis Hodge or Colman Domingo or Yahya for the new Kang expeditiously."

@DirectorRB3 stated that "Marvel has a chance to do something real funny," while including a gif of Terrence Howard as James Rhodes from the first Iron Man film:

"Now that Majors is out, Marvel has a chance to do something real funny with Kang…"

The user claimed Howard should be the one to take over for Majors as Kang the Conqueror, stating that it would be funny since he hasn't been in the MCU since 2008.

What Will Marvel Studios Do With Kang?

Marvel Studios is now backed into a bit of a corner since Majors can no longer continue to play Kang the Conqueror, especially since the actor has been credited in multiple MCU projects and has been set up as being an even greater villain than Thanos.

Since Kang has not made his presence known in an extremely big way, it would be fairly easy at this point for Marvel Studios to just move on from the character entirely.

Even though he is supposed to be the next major antagonist, and there is an upcoming Avengers film named after him, small changes could be made so that neither of those would matter, and fans would quickly turn their attention to whoever will take Kang's place as the MCU's overarching villain.

However, if Kang is recast, Marvel Studios could simply just not explain it at all. That already happened when Terrence Howard was replaced by Don Cheadle in Iron Man 2.

If someone else is cast as Kang and it is explained in-universe though, there could also be a simple explanation for that - Variants.

While some Variants in the MCU look identical to one another (Kang the Conqueror and He Who Remains), others look entirely different (Classic Loki and Kid Loki).

At the end of the day, Marvel Studios will make the decision that they feel is right, and as they have done in the past, fans can trust them to make the best decision.

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