Justice League's Ray Fisher Backs Doom Patrol's 'Cybernetic Brother From Another Mother'

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Doom Patrol and Justice League Cyborgs

After years of television appearances, the DC superhero Cyborg (Victor Stone) finally made his big-screen debut with Ray Fisher in the role during a cameo in 2016's Batman v Superman , later getting a supporting role in 2017's Justice League . While Ray Fisher brings Cyborg to life in the DCEU, actor Joivan Wade is bringing Victor Stone to another realm of the DC Universe.

The DC Universe original series Doom Patrol premiered in 2019, featuring a group of misfit heroes that includes characters like Crazy Jane, Elasti-Girl, and Joivan Wade's Cyborg. The series just recently began its second season, and it seems that Wade's iteration of Cyborg has a strong supporter in his silver screen counterpart.


Doom Patrol actor Joivan Wade recently tweeted some behind-the-scenes photos of him in his Cyborg costume:

Justice League 's Cyborg Ray Fisher then quoted the tweet with some passionate words of support for Wade:


DC's many live-action adaptations put them in the unique position of having different on-screen versions of the same characters at the same time. For example, Smallville featured Tom Welling's young Clark Kent at the same time that Brandon Routh was bringing the Man of Steel to life in Superman Returns in 2006.

DC recently capitalized on this during the CW's Crisis on Infinite Earths crossover, which had Grant Gustin's Flash meeting Ezra Miller's Barry Allen in a brief surprise cameo . While Doom Patrol 's Cyborg has not (yet) had the fortune of crossing paths with the DCEU's Cyborg, at least the two actors are very aware of each other and share a strong sense of support.

Ray Fisher recently spoke out about the maltreatment he received on the set of Justice League by director Joss Whedon, and it looks as if Fisher is ensuring Joivan Wade never feels the same during his time with the character. Portraying an iconic superhero is a daunting task for any actor, and it can be hard to feel completely comfortable taking on that role, but it always helps to have a superhero in your corner.

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